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I love Obama. And I love dkos. That's why I feel the need to write this piece. Somebody's gotta say it, so I guess it might as well be me.. Let me start with this: We need to be ...
by newyorknewyork
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One of the few positive results of the Vietnam War is the irresistible momentum it gave Congress to pass legislation lowering the voting age to 18. I was proud to be a part of that movement in ...
by Senator Edward M Kennedy
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It's bad enough having to endure the lies and disinformation emanating from the corporate news, right wing media, and the McCain campaign. But there's no excuse for people on Daily Kos to fall for it.
by TocqueDeville
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I have decided this year that I can no longer sit on my ass - getting out there has been an absolute balm for my anxiety about where this country is going. And never in my wildest dreams did I ...
by dagan68
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Pennsylvania votes on April 22nd. But Pennsylvania will be won in the next two weeks. Because Pennsylvania's primary is closed to registered Democrats only. This is likely a ...
by glutz78
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Reno was hot this weekend. I had high hopes. I imagined when I went out to canvass for Obama that everyone I talked to would say, "I've had enough!" That every Republican would admit their party ...
by Emit
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THANKS FOR REC'ing -- DIGG STORY HERE ! Cross-posted ...
by ProgressiveSouth
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So I am going to be honest; I never really paid that much attention to those rumors about voter Fraud and the "caging" that happened in Ohio in 2004. I figured Kerry did a great job of losing the ...
by middlegroundguy
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Just an incredibly empassioned rant from newly minted U.S. citizen Craig Ferguson that actually got me out of bed to see if the video was up yet. It is.
by paddykraska
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First came the news report from FOX News’ Palestra.net. Then, the vitriolic attack on a right-wing blog site. Then the news trucks came, and stayed. And then they began hunting us down, ...
by enviropres
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The registration trends are in. If McCain is counting on a base turnout strategy, these numbers tell the story of why that will just not work. In contrast these numbers are good news for Obama and a ...
by Liberal Youth
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cross-posted @ This Week With Barack ...
by icebergslim
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Did you know that if Barack Obama wins all the Kerry states plus New Mexico, Colorado and Iowa he'll be the 44th President of the United States? Did you know that there are still 26, 28 and 44 days ...
by JeffLieber
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Yes, we registered one thousand, one hundred and seven voters this weekend. In one city. In two days. You can do it, too. Here’s how.
by kath25
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Bruce in ...
by icebergslim
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I live in Oregon. Our primary is one of the few remaining, and while it falls on May 20th, our state votes by mail. Ballots in Oregon will be mailed between May 2nd and May 6th. Ours is a closed ...
by StrangeAnimals
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[Outstate Missouri is that part of the state that is not in St. Louis or Kansas City.] I teach at a regional university in a small town in Missouri on the edge of the Kansas City media market. I ...
by MoDem
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...if they're NOT REGISTERED TO VOTE!!
by kath25
Comment Count 192 comments on Thu May 08, 2008 at 12:41 PM PDT with 534 Recommends
It seems that some citizens of Ferguson want to increase the extremely low voter participation rate in Ferguson, and the Missouri GOP (or, at least the leadership) is not happy about that effort ...
by librarisingnsf
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Today was a beautiful sunny day. It was a little cold, but not too bad. A friend of mine used some of the Halloween festivities to organize a group of people to register new voters. I've never ...
by frustrated1
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