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I just got word from a good friend that there are some serious voting issues in the Bloomfield and Lawrenceville sections of Pittsburgh. And now I'm also seeing that KDKA and the Post-Gazette are ...
by epic
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I road my bike to up to our polling place late this afternoon, and parked it unlocked outside, thinking it would take the usual time, less than five minutes, to vote. The number I received was 74, ...
by warmmidwest
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We hold in our collective memory the 2000 election fiasco in which this country was robbed of its legitimate leader because of "voting problems" (the catch-all euphemism for Republican dirty tricks).
by your neighbor
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this is a follow up to a top rec'd diary http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/4/22/105716/688/664/500727 basically, me and a couple of other Kossacks were questioning the legitimacy of the story ...
by distraught
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This diary is going to be short and sweet no time to have it look pretty.
by EHarold
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We spent the morning distributing rain ponchos to voters in the Church Hill neighborhood and crossed paths with loads of canvassers and other volunteers. They'd wave when they'd see our "Vote Today"
by magicbells
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We are the New York Democratic Lawyers Council and we are the main voter protection project in NY State. We have poll watchers observing voting across the entire state, and they call in to our ...
by Dave G
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This will be a short diary... From Evansville The Courier & Press : An ...
by Larry Madill
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We've seen problems at polling places throughout this year's primary season, caused in part by an election apparatus unprepared for the onslaught of new voters and energized existing voters that ...
by davidkc
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I spoke to my 90-year-old mother today. She lives in southern Florida, which is more Democratic than Republican. She went this week to vote early, but she couldn't cast a vote because the lines were ...
by save our country
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I posted this report this afternoon. I'm sorry I don't have much time to expound. I have to run and cover an Obama "victory" party in West Palm Beach at the house of the lady in this video. She ...
by minorityfilms
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Reports across the state indicate polling locations were swamped with voters this morning - some lines began forming as early as 4:00 a.m. Hampton and Newport News, located in the southeast ...
by FlipperWaves
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After reading about voting irregularities in W. Va, I sent an email.
by rcd
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Now that we are entering the endgame of this election we need to start deploying our resources wisely so we close this campaign with the win that we have worked so hard for. It is crucial that we ...
by Yerba Buena
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As the title indicates, I'm starting to get scared I won't be able to vote, and wanted to (a) seek some advice to see if anyone has good suggestions and (b) flag this issue in case it is happening ...
by spurswin
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As my wife plans our Obama party, and our boys prepare their Obama Cakes, I took great pains to remind them that victory is never easy nor guaranteed. There are a zillion things that can happen ...
by rubsey
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I wish i could've posted this last night, but i got home too late. The primary part of the election yesterday went ok. i still wasnt convinced that voting with a diebold machine was the best way, ...
by ArtDemo
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It's looking like rain all day tomorrow here in the Richmond, VA area , and by the look of the ...
by magicbells
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Boy, this headline just thrills this lifelong Floridian to pieces. No problems were forseen when McCain was ahead in the polls in Florida, but now that the Mason-Dixon poll and some of the others ...
by shewolf
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I arrived at my Harris County Precinct 0551 polling place, Hassler Elementary, just before 8 AM this morning. The line was about 150 people long, but moved fairly quickly. When I was about 100 ...
by qtab
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