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This is more a Greenwich Village guide and another of my walks on The High Line than a photo diary. But clicking on any one of these little pictures will open a better and larger photo in a new ...
by Eddie C
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Look at Obama being all athletic and stuff. He must be impeached! The Donald. What can you say that hasn't already been said? I guess he has an addiction to being in the news, because every ...
by zenbassoon
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Good evening and welcome to Got a Happy Story. This series has moved from Friday to become a respite from the Monday blues. You can record your happy weekend stories or bring photos of family, pets ...
by Eddie C
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I have a few pleasant photography stories to tell from a week ago. Between the autumn color and the desperation of one last warm weather week, it was a good week for a photo buff. Now don't go ...
by Eddie C
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I like walking. It’s great exercise but that’s not why I walk. Exercise in and of itself has never been a great motivator for me. I love the freedom of walking, particularly of walking alone. A ...
by Mopshell
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Cross-posted at La Vida Locavore. As a blogger I have so little to offer anymore. Now as a totally obsessed photo ...
by Eddie C
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Hello and Happy Halloween. I had a great walk on Thursday and I thought you might enjoy seeing the pictures. As Ken Burns so aptly pointed out recently, our parks are our strongest affirmation for "...
by Eddie C
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Yesterday, Sunday ...
by citisven
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Welcome to a one day late Halloween Happy Horror Story. Got a Happy Story is a community gathering every Friday night where we share stories large and small that have put smiles on ...
by Eddie C
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Welcome to the third and final (I promise) installment of my trip last week to Vancouver, B.C., an attempt to fit a series of ecocity workshops with all kinds of sustainable design and planning ...
by citisven
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A few of days ago I arrived in Vancouver, B.C. for a week of urban planning and playing. On the official schedule are presentations about leading practices in resilient urban systems, a workshop to ...
by citisven
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This being my fourteenth Van Cortlandt Park photo diary a few here might think it repetitive. These Friday photos are very different ...
by Eddie C
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Hello and welcome to Friday Evening Photo Blogging. For this photo diary I have two separate stories from Queens County, a little historic essay and an "ode to joy" from the borough of Archie Bunker.
by Eddie C
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I am a bona fide DFH. I am coming clean, just don't ask me to take more than the minimum number of showers required to be tolerated in our modern world. With that said, now more than ever, the DFH ...
by LaughingPlanet
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...is the title of a presentation I will give at the upcoming Ecocity World Summit August 22-26 in Montréal, Canada. I just found out ...
by citisven
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by NCrissieB
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And though that sounds like something you'd find as a comment under a troll diary, it's not. I've been part of the problem. I'm an overweight, over-energy using guy. I've worked in the same ...
by drbloodaxe
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This April, after Eyjafjallaj�kull had thwarted a planned visit of an old friend in Spain and stranded us in ...
by citisven
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It isn't hard to do! This year's ...
by citisven
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Hi there. My name is River, and I've written a few KosAbility diaries before: on diabetes, dialysis, and erectile dysfunction (with my husband Charles CurtisStanley ), and I can't remember right now ...
by Kitsap River
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