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Bloomberg is reporting this morning that Henry Paulson, Bush's Treasury Secretary,
by bink
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Cross-posted from Hullabaloo John Cole takes a brief look ...
by thereisnospoon
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(Boy do I love being able to type those words - "Sen. Warren") Oh yeah, there's a new sheriff in town. Previous diaries have illuminated the sputtering non-responses of regulators (Comptroller ...
by eXtina
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PCCC-endorsed candidates are turning up the heat on Wall Street! Last night, Elizabeth Warren went on The Ed Show to call for Wall Street reform to be put back on the agenda -- including a new Glass-...
by BoldProgressives
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Did the Federal Reserve really help the economy, especially main street, when they announced QE3? No, but they certainly helped Wall Street. Everybody is getting all excited about the Federal ...
by pollwatcher
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by Something the Dog Said
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Hoo, boy ...
by bink
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Via Balloon Juice , I just came across a post by the ...
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From Bloomberg:
by bink
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First, start by prosecuting these guys . That one is a no-brainer. Or maybe put some ...
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by MattWuerker
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But before you read this diary, please read and recommend this response from Sen. Sanders of Vermont about the bailout. ...
by bink
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I have discussed the tax cuts and what was needed to move the economy forward on my blog avoiceforindependentvoters.com. After watching various news shows and listening to the politicians, ...
by voice for independents
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The ironic thing was that I had been planning to write a positive piece this morning about Obama’s remarks on housing in yesterday’...
by Michael Lux
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The Koch brothers. A work in bloated and unbridled greed. I betcha that except for GOP minority leaders ...
by Libby Shaw
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More bailouts for the rich! More bailouts for the rich!
by bink
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Now that Wall Street, the Banks, BP, and the S&P (Credit Rating Agency) are all in the process of what I would call (Ohnozzzzze) the final Corporate takeover of our nation, by turning on President ...
by Badabing
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The U.K. unveiled its own bank bailout plan this morning. And unlike in corresponding U.S. plans, the ...
by bink
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Crossposted at Square State There is a lot of talk about the way which we need to go in order to fix our current very serious problems in the financial sector ...
by Something the Dog Said
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read Scott's other articles here: http://www.examiner.com/x-9210-Boston-Liberal-Examiner~y2009m7d23-Another-violation-of-our-foolish-trust-as-cashstrapped-banks-send-their-TARP-funds-...
by Scott Gibbs
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