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Oh, the times we live in. I could have made this up and been told I had a really bad attitude about republicans. The truth is I DO have a bad attitude about republicans - they are working hard to ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Update [2009-8-26 20:20:15 by hekebolos]: if you feel like helping the California Democratic Party respond to this lunacy,
by Dante Atkins
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AARP opposes privatization of Social Security, supports the Affordable Care Act, and its executives give disproportionately to Democrats. Now Dave Reichert and other Congressional Republicans on the ...
by Sarge in Seattle
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(Various different one Kossacks have suggested from time to time that I publish this piece here. Tonight I figured: Halloween, why not? In many traditions, this is the time of year when the ...
by blueness
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The Republicans' scorched earth Affordable ...
by Joan McCarter
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# Rank 08/10 Vote Cities Who's running? Redistribution 1 49 P: 42/53 G: 37/53 S: 31/...
by David Jarman
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Candidate for the House CA-2 Jim Reed has internal polls showing him within 1-2 points of Wally Herger a 24 year GOP incumbent. This race is going on under the radar and without help from the ...
by timethief
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I'm Jim Reed , and would be proud to become an Orange to Blue Candidate in my quest to retire Wally Herger, the GOP ...
by Jim Reed CA02
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Right now, under the radar the CA-2 Congressional race is starting to tighten. Nate Silver where are you? Jim Reed (reednow.com) a rancher and lawyer from Shasta County is waging a vigorous campaign ...
by timethief
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by smileycreek
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by smileycreek
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It's time to take a closer look at our Republican candidate running against Democrat Charlie Brown. LameDuck State Senator Tom McClintock (R, Thousand Mailing Addresses, currently using one in ...
by AmericanRiverCanyon
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Crossposted at ...
by smileycreek
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(From the diaries. This is definitely a great campaign innovation, and used to fantastic effect given the subject matter it features -- kos) Today I opened up what I thought would be an ...
by smileycreek
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Alzheimers. It's a scary word, and when it was spoken tonight it caused an audible gasp to ripple through the crowd at the Candidate's Forum, sponsored by the Chico Enterprise Record and The League ...
by smileycreek
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You know what's it's like in this very red district in northern California-- lonely! ...
by smileycreek
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The editors of Redding's Record Searchlight appear to have done Democrat Jeff Morris an incredible favor by endorsing Republican incumbent Wally Herger in the race for California's 2nd ...
by cranberrylib
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Question : How does Wally Herger's vote for Paul Ryan's Budget actually END Medicare for his constituents? Answer: In the ...
by smileycreek
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by Sean023
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Rep. Wally Herger (R)
by David Nir
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