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Since 2011, the federal government has slashed $2.5 trillion from the projected national debt over the next decade. Meanwhile, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (
by Jon Perr
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Boy, that escalated quickly. After a weekend in which McCain groupies David Ignatius and Richard Cohen disavowed their one-time infatuation with that noted celebrity,
by Matt OBrien
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Well it seems the public still doesn't care about Obama past relationship. From Ayers to Acorn the public want a more civil campaign. The poll show not only Gen. Powell has a concern about ...
by bosshogg
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HEY! Happy holiday weekend everybody. What is everybody cookin' today? I just got to know. It is going to be hot here so I'll be grilling for sure. Why don't you come on in for some coffee while I ...
by makettle
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This is an interesting bit of pushback from the NSA, as anonymously sourced to Dana Priest of the WaPo : The analysts’ 215 requests go to one of the 22 people at the NSA who are permitted to ...
by Armando
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Dear Monica, according to you: The majority Democrats, intoxicated with power , are brimming with a ...
by Asinus Asinum Fricat
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McClatchy : Former air-force general Joseph ...
by kidneystones
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While many on the Right are licking their lips over the meat thrown them, the media is still trying to find a line between praising the speech and yet still defining the issue. An article in the ...
by DiegoUK
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Here's something I've found to be generally true about any good take-down piece: the last sentence is always its own line and it always is powerful enough to hit home. This piece does it in spades. ...
by Dreamscribe
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It's right there in the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution: _____ Amendment ...
by GreyHawk
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Under the title 'The Terrorist Barack Hussein Obama', Frank Rich in the New York Times issues a stinging rebuke to ...
by Airmid
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My twitter feed exploded with this opinion column from Betsy Karasik on WaPo explaining why sexual relations between students and teachers should be decriminalized. The teachers should be fired, ...
by POwriter
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No president is immune from partisanship and partisan atitudes. No ...
by Armando
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The WaPo's new farce, "How A Detainee Became an Asset" Hint: It involves merciless ...
by slash196
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March, 2007, Rasmussen confirms Dems poll higher on national ...
by kidneystones
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WaPo has a new article titled " U.S. military officers have deep doubts about impact, wisdom of a U.S. strike on Syria ." It's full of juicy material, but there seem to be two main threads: (1) ...
by Sucker Politics
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My least favorite of Obama's appointments was Larry Summers for head of the White House National Economic Council. This is the guy, who, along with Robert Rubin and Phil Gramm, deregulated the ...
by Loquax
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The Washington Post reports : The Environmental Protection Agency has ...
by history geek
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Cross posted from DC.ActionFactories.org - Today's lead article in the Washington Post sucks, even though its a great photo - this is our response.
by mogmaar
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Mr. Alexander - You wrote in your explication of the climate change kerfluffle over George Will's ...
by nathanrudy
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