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Cross posted at my place . ## A good investigative journalist, if needed, can hide aboard a cruise full of white supremacists and ...
by Larisa
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African American conservatives have and continue to be ineffective in reaching the African American electorate for a number of reasons. Foremost, they can be found extoling ideas within the ...
by niteskolar
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A New Nebraska Network Special Report We've heard this one before. Really, what else is new? In the summer of 2006, the ...
by Skylewalker
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Note: Use the comments section to tell us what your bellweather list is, and what races/initiatives you are watching. - D So how will we know the shape, size and depth of whatever mandate ...
by davidsirota
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Hello everybody, glad you could stop by. Welcome to America. Home of Fragile, Land of the Scared. The Nation that doesn't want to "embolden the enemy" by saying anything nice about them while ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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David Horowitz is screaming about totalitarians, racists, and radicals again.� I know you're thinking "What's new? That guy is obsessed with the Middle East."� True ...
by Free Exchange on Campus
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By Nicole Kief, State Strategist for the ACLU’s Racial Justice Program, and Selene Kaye, Advocacy Coordinator for the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project. California ...
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By Dennis Parker, Director, ACLU Racial Justice Program Four events in the past 10 days invite reflection on the question of race in 2009. Beyond the fact that there was some ...
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This is a piece is an excerpt from a series I wrote (Losing What We Never Had)for the Black Agenda Report. In light of the recent coverage concerning Barack Obama's stance on the vital ...
by Dr Rhymes
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By Nicole Kief and Ana Weibgen of the ACLU Racial Justice Program Today marks the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the greatest civil rights ...
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by E Love
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This is part of a black conservatives on Obama series at The Black Snob . Previous entries were done ...
by blacksnob
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The thing that bothers me the most about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly and the other black conservatives is not their politics, their seemingly denunciation of their heritage,
by Forgiven
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Really? The Young America's ...
by Free Exchange on Campus
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by tiggers thotful spot
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Saul Anuzis, the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, has joined nationalist extremist Chris Simcox and anti-affirmative action activist Ward Connerly on ...
by PhilipMoon
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by M Osborn
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(Continued from Part I ) In the first part of this essay, we discussed the various options available to ...
by David Boyle
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