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The Warren Pennsylvania Times-Observer (www.timesobserver.com) published an ad on Thursday calling for the assassination of President Barack Obama. In our conversation with the publisher, John ...
by Michael Morrill
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Ohio secretary of state Jon Husted (R), looking at the possibility of a lawsuit and some ugly unpleasant publicity, has said that he may set uniform statewide early-voting hours. As Hamilton County ...
by anastasia p
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Most of you have probably heard the news by now of the tornado that devastated the South, which originally touched down in Warren County, Mississippi. It left ten dead in Yazoo City, Haley Barbour's ...
by Free Chicken and Beer
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by Dan Hrkman
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The call came on my cell phone early in the morning, February 17, 2010, from the Ohio Democratic Party in Columbus. As I drove back from a Social Security Disability hearing in Cincinnati, I was ...
by akhjd
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Ready for the fall-out of Kasich's crazy plan to help poor schools by not giving them money and instead increasing the budgets for rich districts? If you're not up to speed, check out this diary by ...
by Silvia Nightshade
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Unity March in Hardwick, New Jersey In defiance of a cowardly act of ignorance and intimidation a community comes together to march for peace and form a circle of hope.
by Kire
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Outside of Albany County, most politics in the region are dominated by an entrenched, self-serving Republican power structure, which has long been in the pocket of moneyed special interests.
by Upstate Blue
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by mbair
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Occurred last night in Ohio. In Warren County, a suburban ring County outside of Cincinnati, some conservative decided to express his or her view by dumping a truckload of horse shit right in front ...
by NewDealer
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IF IT’S TUESDAY, THIS MUST BE BELLEFONTE: The headline says it all as it was a very busy and sometimes hectic week. I started out the week Sunday and Monday in Harrisburg where I was ...
by vmo1701
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by Doughnutman
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This is a diary about the extraordinary and seemingly endless fight one man, who in all likelihood was the victim of tragedy himself in the sudden loss of his wife, has had to endure thanks to the ...
by QuestionableSanity
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Drill Here, Drill Now -- But What Are The Oil Companies Planning? Nationally, Drill Here, Drill Now seems to be the only issue where Republicans are gaining any traction with ...
by vmo1701
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