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by 8ackgr0und N015e
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Recently, on his farewell tour, George W. Bush's Secretary of 'Defense', Billy Bob Gates chastised the Europeans and NATO for being insufficiently warlike. He told them they risked becoming a second ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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Remember how we were going to rebuild Iraq? Remember how the money flowed like water? Remember how well Bremer accounted for it? Ok... if you don't remember that last part, you're not ...
by henry porter
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by luckyguy
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The United States loaded 363 tons of cash on palettes and airlifted it to Iraq during the reign of provisional ...
by bhfrik
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Yes, you are tasty and lovely. From the moment I first set eyes on you, I knew I had to have you. Sometimes you are warm, sometimes chilled.. but I have never been able to resist your charms. ...
by Wayward Son
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He's got plenty more 'splainin to do. We now know how much Scott Walkers security detail is costing "the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin" (he always uses that phrase to cut spending, so it's a ...
by Puddytat
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by dkmich
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This amazing bit of information, via the Foreign Policy blog and ...
by Jerome a Paris
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A half an hour every morning. Tommy Kleyn is an artist from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Every morning on his bike to work, he would pass a section of the Rotterdam riverway where trash had collected at ...
by Walter Einenkel
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by clammyc
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I worry about the ongoing drought every day. I know I am starting seeds, and talking about gardening, but there is always a part of me that is worrying about the long terms effects of the last two ...
by GreenMother
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Last week I wrote an article about how my city — San Francisco — has reached a stunning 78% waste diversion rate and is on the way to its stated goal of zero ...
by citisven
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The new billion dollar 5th Generation Fighter isn't living up to the hype . In another example of the money pit our Military Industrial Complex has become comes this report on the newest, toughest ...
by henryjones000
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Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction ...
by Walter Einenkel
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Okay, so I admit it. I'm a glutton for non-gluttitude . Sensitive to waste . Trash talker .
by citisven
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Kids Say the Darndest Things! But what they don't know can hurt them.
by Nancy Meyer
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Just when you thought you couldn't swear more profusely and violently than you have... BBC Panorama tonight reveals what Henry ...
by Louise
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Its pretty apparent that we humans are on a downward spiral, we have been on a self destructive quest for STUFF! for many years now. Consumerism, waste and debt. There are many repercussions ...
by pale cold
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You'd think after sledding for thousands of miles to drop presents through chimneys across the world, Santa would be kicking it in his igloo penthouse, chilling in a massage chair with a bottle of ...
by citisven
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