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As a former chef I know too well the importance of fresh, clean water: no water, no food, no life. Water is far more vital for human life than oil as environmentalists, corporations and governments ...
by Asinus Asinum Fricat
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Welcome to a weird sort of monotony. Another day, another heatwave, another dangerous fire season. Just like last year. So far, on this Aug 3rd, we seem to be alright, but everyone in Central ...
by GreenMother
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I worry about the ongoing drought every day. I know I am starting seeds, and talking about gardening, but there is always a part of me that is worrying about the long terms effects of the last two ...
by GreenMother
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It's all over the news. Heat Waves hitting the grain belt of the U.S., and it appears that the dryer and hotter than "Normal" temps are taking a toll on our crops. Shocking! [not really] ...
by GreenMother
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I have posted several diaries about the drought and it's impact on my region in the South West. The drought is not over yet. Although we did get a bit of rain in the fall in Oklahoma, and that helped,
by GreenMother
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My dad, raised in the Depression among parsimonious New England folk, was an early adopter of energy conservation. Hardly a day would pass in autumn, winter, or spring without him remarking "Close ...
by cassandracarolina
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I’ve been here in Brasil doing some research at the site where I did my MS work. We’re measuring the growth of trees and soil nutrient status 6 years after site establishment if you must know. ...
by brasilaaron
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From Gov. Walker's Friday "E-Update": As a part of our trade mission, The Water Council, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), and Veolia, an international water company based in ...
by Ludwig1251
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The Daily Bucket is a regular feature of the Backyard Science group. It is a place to note of any observations you have made of the world around you. Insects, weather, meteorites, climate, ...
by enhydra lutris
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Remember when you were little and we used to go outside and smell the roses, and there would be butterflies fluttering everywhere, drinking nectar, gently hovering over little clouds of clover and ...
by GreenMother
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With the Mississippi flooding the Midwest, "water crisis" means too much of it in all the wrong places. But for much of the world, finding drinkable water is an all-day struggle, and threatens ...
by thinkbridge
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Much of the western United States is dry, very dry. From the fountains of Vegas to the irrigated garden that is California and the sprinkler fed lawns of Colorado's Front Range, water is what makes ...
by ban nock
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When people talk about conserving water in California, it’s always about turning off your yard sprinklers, taking shorter showers or shaving without the water running. We fret about watering ...
by jgogek
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The City of Waukesha, Wisconsin has made the first application under a 2008, eight-state Compact for a diversion of water out of the Great Lakes basin, but the Wisconsin Department of Natural ...
by jer45
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If I say anything I'll ruin it. Notice the rice steamer perched on top of ...
by ban nock
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The City of Waukesha, WI, is the first municipality under a 2008 Compact among eight states and two Canadian provinces to apply for permission to divert water outside the Great Lakes basin. Waukesha'
by jer45
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I want to first thank gmoke for an amazing diary, it inspired me to finally write my first.I also want to agree with him ...
by Jampacked
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There was an interesting piece in ...
by alicescheshirecat
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Stockton, CA – iHUB San Joaquin in partnership with Restore the Delta, the Delta Coalition, Café Coop, the San Joaquin Partnership, the A.G. Spanos Companies and various Delta businesses ...
by Dan Bacher
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What uses more water a small drip so the water is hot when you turn it on or running the water full-blast to get hot water? FROZEN pipes aren't an issue.
by 88kathy
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