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When I came home to see OBAMA WINS IOWA on my hotel TV screen I started for the first time ...
by Populista
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We only kill to save lives. We only kill for freedom. We think of the children, but forget the ones we have killed. We are right, they are wrong, ignore the body count. We know our cause is just,
by LaFeminista
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The 2012 Presidential Election has come and gone. The nation along with the electorate has emerged from the rubble intact, although still very much divided. Social media streams remain flooded with ...
by BrettSaidit
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I don't know why Democrats, including the President, are so terrible at messaging and so willing to make it look like they are part of the problem. For example, in today's press conference, the ...
by Dave G
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It is going to be about 15 years until we recover from the theft of over three trillion dollars Bush/Cheney stole in Iraq. What's worse, The "Media" wont even admit that they did it! It will ...
by edscan
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John McCain has, at long last, taken the final plunge into self-parody. According to The Politico, Team McCain has leaked the "money quote" from the Geezermeister General's new speech and it is, by ...
by Rumi68
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Today is 'Blog Action Day'.  Once a year bloggers, like myself, focus their efforts to promoting one single idea.  This year the message is 'The Power of We'.  The irony is that the Power of We ...
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It seems there are a few out there who do not understand the mood of this country at this historic time. They are called Republicans. Someone I know recently remarked that he hasn't seen a ...
by DeppityBob
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Just some thoughts on the developments of the past few days, to be discussed: Obama wins Wyoming, loyalty, the price of unquestioned loyalty, etc. Follow me after the ...
by erin r
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John McCain is this right where you wanted us? A 700 billion dollar bailout? American's losing their homes? A country that is shedding jobs? Taxcuts for the wealthy? Record profits for big oil?
by Crunchy Middle
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"I want to be a Ninja!" That's what my four-year-old son said as he handed me his costume this morning. Eli likes to dress up in various guises all year long, Halloween etiquette be damned. I ...
by BrettSaidit
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Okay - So let's all be honest with each other: We know why Palin was picked We know who wrote her speech She is the first puppet candidate since Dan Quayle I could go on, but we all know ...
by Jownman
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Your experience, as you’ve made it crystal clear to everyone is all about YOU. Your experience, if to be compared to anyone, should be compared to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran, McCain. OK. So,
by understandinglife
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AMC depicts a world overrun by the undead, the nations reduced to rubble and decay. In the aftermath of a world-wide pandemic, mindless zombies are the majority while the living are awkwardly the ...
by BrettSaidit
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by BrettSaidit
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What I seek is a freedom for People to decide war and peace. Government of People shall submit to the nature and wisdom of the People governed. Whenever the decision to declare war is the first ...
by Dustin Harback
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Many times we use words and phrases without any idea of where they may have originated from. Take the word “We” for example if you wanted to find out about its origins and usage you ...
by WeDemocrats
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