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This is how its done. * All semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines: banned * All guns registered * No ammunition purchased without a special permit Details under the squirl.
by Senor Unoball
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Some days ago, a number of us were (rightly) miffed at hearing that the government would not sign the ...
by KingofSpades
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It happened in the early morning hour when I was just drifting off to sleep. CSpan was on the TV in my bedroom and I also had a light on as well close to the large armoire that housed the TV. Then ...
by virginia dare
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Sometimes a weapon is re-purposed, and makes a major impact in its new rôle. For example, the Lewis gun was designed as a light, portable, squad machine gun; undoubtedly, its greatest impact was in ...
by shortfinals
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Zimmerman was a ticking "TIME BOMB" the night he had an altercation with his wife and stormed out to the streets looking for a brouhaha and Trayvon Martin just happened to cross his path... How many ...
by thinkingblue
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No matter what your opinion is on the current gun control debate, you likely have heard or perhaps even believe in unfounded myths. Also, please be respectful in your comments. We all hold different ...
by nate1024
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Bush administration has more than wreck US financial system Next is to leave a legacy of ...
by RomeyDa
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Today's NRA mentality is that guns/lethal weapons are toys to be played with... without any respect whatsoever as to what they were manufactured for... KILLING! What a sad story… thinkingblue ...
by thinkingblue
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Check out the entire blog at: http://iamtheinsideman.wordpress.com/
by TASchoolcoach
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"a lifetime thinking . . . ." is an ongoing graphic memoir, political and personal, created by Jeff Van Syckle.
by jvansyckle
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