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I just skimmed through the Whole Food Forum where the Glenn Beckers of the world spew their talking points. But alas, I found some comedic gold that I must credit and spread to all of those on the ...
by Suburban Blue
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Update on ways you can help below. (Cross posted at ...
by tremayne
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Wednesday night at Open Left and Thursday ...
by tremayne
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There are no Whole Foods stores on the Navajo Reservation. There are no Whole Foods stores in Buffalo, Wyoming. In fact, there are no Whole Foods stores in the entire state of Wyoming. Nor are ...
by johnnygunn
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Via PR newswire release : CtW Investment Group (
by Hopeful Skeptic
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I am a Nashville area surgeon and a loyal customer of the Nashville Whole Foods ever since it first opened. This is true no longer. I was stunned and deeply disappointed to read Mr. Mackey'...
by shellac
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Just received this in the the my good ole inbox from Whole Foods. Will comment further, but let's start the discussion here. Are you satisfied? Unimpressed? More livid than ever? Full e-mail ...
by Pragmatic Left
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Caring about our communities & our ...
by Aptoklas
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First of all, I must admit that I LOVE my local Whole Foods market. There is no other place that can hold a candle to their quality of produce. And as a vegetarian, their produce section is my ...
by Hopeful Skeptic
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Just a small drab of a diary, to quickly point out a hilarious Whole Foods forum discussion on Healthcare. It appears the Freepers have invaded, pledging their new found love of Whole Foods. John ...
by Bonsai66
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I've been asked by several people to weigh in on Whole Foods (or WFM for short... the M stands for Market). I worked there for 5 months in 2007 and I wrote a chapter about it in my ...
by Jill Richardson
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Whole Foods CEO John Mackey calls Obamacare fascism in a NPR interview. In an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey revised his previous description of Obamacare as ...
by hobie1616
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There's currently an article on the rec list which suggests that Mackey is "gone" from Whole ...
by juliewolf
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I have a liberal bourgeoise* friend who won't shop at Wal-mart because she can't shop there in good conscience. She does a lot of her food shopping at Whole Foods, a supposed 'progressive' company ...
by Pinko Elephant
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Nick Paumgarten penned an excellent piece on Whole Foods' CEO (and former Chairman of the Board ) ...
by A Siegel
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With Hillary running for President, I feel like the expression "love to hate" is growing old from overuse quickly. That said, I'll use it one more time to describe Whole Foods (or what some call ...
by OrangeClouds115
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After a letter writing campaign and active boycott this CEO is leaving "voluntarily" after the board asked him to go. And the sweet thing is, the boycott was the reason he got fired! ...
by 7November
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I just came home from an interesting, delicious, and inspirational day. My local Whole Foods was celebrating its 10 year anniversary. The employees were each clad in commemorative organic cotton T-...
by OrangeClouds115
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by JR Monsterfodder
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This is from a Durham, NC neighborhood email distribution list. Whole Foods is NOT backing down but rather they appear to be in anti-health care battle mode. With the idiot Whole Foods CEO ...
by a gnostic
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