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Wisconsin Tea Party Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) got a wake up call that his condescending attitude towards women is going to need major revision today when the first woman Senator from Wisconsin, ...
by HoundDog
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Russ just conceded. Damn. I guess this is now a big THANK YOU diary. A real class act: "The people of Wisconsin have spoken, and I respect their decision," Russ Feingold told ...
by astral66
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Election Day isn't until tomorrow, but I wanted to send you a thank you for the support you’ve already shown for me and my campaign.  Your donations and volunteer hours have fueled our ...
by Russ Feingold
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Perfect! Just perfect! Feingold (WI-Sen) has a new campaign ad out and it's a doozie. Show's the Vikings (huge foes of Wisconsin) mooning their opponent. Yes, the analogy is there, mooning is ...
by Julie Gulden
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The Cheddarbomb continues on ActBlue for Progressive Hall-of-Famer Russ Feingold. If you are truly a Progressive and don't just play one on ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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Earlier this year, Ron Johnson, testified before the Wisconsin State Senate on behalf of the Green Bay Diocese Finance Council,
by Jud Lounsbury
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Previously, a short three minute video was was posted on youtube of Ron Johnson testimony before the Wisconsin State Senate on January 12, 2010, in opposition to the Child Victims Act. I have ...
by Jud Lounsbury
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Senator Feingold and Republican challenger Ron Johnson squared off in their second debate Monday October 11th in Wausau, WI. Senator Feingold was very specific in his answers while Ron Johnson had ...
by nathan andover
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by wiscmass
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Why, the tea party activists would be laughing and crowing in ...
by slinkerwink
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After researching the causes of temperature fluctuations on earth, I found the largest factor to be the sun. The earth’s orbit changes. Also the earth’s spin and axis change ...
by RLMiller
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Very good news, as this is a non-partisan poll:
by pontificator
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by PvtJarHead
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The bosses are coming to Madison , Wisconsin on Monday, November 5th, the day before the election. Details are still forthcoming as I write this, but so far we know it will be a "downtown" rally on ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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Tammy Baldwin declares victory. There's one major downside for Tammy Baldwin in winning her Senate race. Now that she's going to be have to be serving in the Senate with asshole Ron Johnson, and ...
by Joan McCarter
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With the Wisconsin State Journal's and Appleton Post-Crescent's�endorsements this morning, Russ Feingold acheived the impossible:� He received the endorsments from all of the state's ...
by Jud Lounsbury
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Crossposted from The People's View. There's a story being told to you kids by the national media types. The story is that health care reform is incredibly ...
by deaniac83
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According to court records, in early�1994 child predator Steven M. Sosinski�had his wages�garnished from his employer, which was listed at the time ...
by Jud Lounsbury
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Nate's blog: 538 New projection: 52.1 D, 47.9R, and 0.1 Charlie Crist's or Lisa Murkowski's. Last week the GOP had a 24% chance of takeover.
by blue aardvark
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First off, great big tip o' the hat to JamieG from MD , who diaried Thompson's jaw-dropping speechifying earlier today. I'm re-diarying because this needs more attention! Here's Wisconsin Senate ...
by AnnieJo
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