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My 44-year-old kid brother died July 28th. That's been tough, but it's more of a topic for The Grieving Room . Tonight's little problem ...
by it really is that important
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A picture someone posted on Facebook is haunting me. It showed a circle highlighting an unsmiling man standing in the middle of a crowd, his arms folded demonstrably across his chest. He appeared ...
by achronon
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How was your holiday? I stayed close to home, had a nice turkey day with my in-laws, survived an evening with my republican brother and have done massive de-clutterization of our home. In between, ...
by lineatus
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Before the flames start, 'Republican' means 'Anti-Monarchist' in Britain, so don't ban me yet Meteor Blades Though I'm a committed anti-Royalist, and agree with everything Wilf Self says in this ...
by Brit
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It's been a few months since my husband's mother passed away. The sharpest point of grief has passed. We miss her, but we can talk about losing her without breaking down. That's progress, I suppose.
by JDWolverton
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About 80 percent of Americans approve of medical marijuana laws, but some conservatives are incensed that state legislatures keep passing ...
by Joshua Holland
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Cross-posted at MotherTalkers . Good morning fellow moms, dads and caregivers! I am back with your weekly parenting news update. Here are some ...
by Elisa
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Here are just a few of my favorite ideas for future infrastructure spending, but if you have some of your own, don't be afraid to say so in the comments below.
by MinistryOfTruth
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It is beyond my abilities to put into this narrative all of the ways in which I have distaste for the conservative punditocracy. It does not however make what George Will opines in his column this ...
by calmann
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I loved Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama. It was so eloquent, uplifting and wise. It reminded me of why Colin Powell still commands respect in America despite his gargantuan ...
by Equus aequitas
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So I consider myself an American first before I am a political party or even a label. I won't label myself as a Democrat, Republican, Liberal, or Conservative. I would like to think of myself as a ...
by NetminderElite
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With less fairy tale and more cautionary tale of "The New Normal" in mind, Brits, along with the rest of the world, have failed to imagine the relative ease terrorists would have in sabotaging ...
by freshrant
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