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See end of diary for clarification of why Bank Holding Company status matters Really--that's a pretty low bar. When we read extraordinary claims that President Obama is flagrantly ...
by Geekesque
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This evening, Bill Moyers interviewed William K. Black, the former senior regulator during the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s, who blew the whistle on the Keating Five (the U.S. Senators ...
by NBBooks
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I contacted Bill Black this weekend in the midst of the flame up over his statements on Bill Moyers Journal that the Obama administration, just like the Bush administration before, is violating the ...
by TocqueDeville
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We recently had James K. Galbraith on our show and since I think he is one of ...
by Cenk Uygur
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This has been written about over and over again, but after reading the comments on the latest article up at Huffington Post by William K Black,(a former banking regulator, whistle blower and analyst)
by wavpeac
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I never use that word, breaking ever, but in this case I will because this is way too important. First of all, I want to thank, yet another nurse, besides our our nyeves, who has been a great leader,
by Badabing
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MISSION ACCOMPLISHED? There are some folks in the MSM and the blogosphere, of late, that talk of our current Treasury Secretary's "stunning" work. A few others in the ever-surreal MSM and ...
by bobswern
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Cross posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette Once we realize there is no fiscal cliff and the whole premise is a myth, you think about why it was created. It was created so we ...
by priceman
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If you’ve heard of the LIBOR scandal (Matt Taibbi covered it in one of his best pieces at Rolling Stone last year, “[http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/everything-is-rigged-the-biggest-...
by bobswern
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Lately there have been some rumors about me that I feel need to addressed. Because I have more class than some people spreading nonsense about me and others, I am not going to name names or link to ...
by priceman
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So many amazing experts warned all of us, that sooner or later, the deep systemic financial corruption and cover up, the financial coup d'�tat that began with the Bush administration, and then ...
by Badabing
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Posted below, with kind permission of the author, is the transcript (see note below) of James K. Galbraith’s talk on financial ...
by selise
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During Obama's speech last night he referred to the idea that dealing with the financial sector, specifically AIG, is kind of like dealing with someone who has a bomb strapped to their chest. He ...
by wavpeac
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I suppose, if you actually want to believe that the reason we are not in a deep reactionary political movement in this nation, because 'both parties' have ignored, the 'Fraud to Cover Up the Fraud' ...
by Badabing
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Now that the White House administration has made it perfectly clear that they do not intend on lifting a finger to stop the ongoing Fraud to cover up more Fraud, William K. Black along with L. ...
by Badabing
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In today's New York Times, we witness a copy editor (person unknown) doing their bit -- by burying the lede on a [http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/31/business/31regulate.html?ref=business rather ...
by bobswern
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Yes, because no one listened to those that warned(including myself) this would happen in 2010 with the Bush tax cut sellout leading to the debt ceiling debacle in 2011 to now, it looks like the ...
by priceman
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President Obama'...
by Meteor Blades
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Once again, the great and courageous William K. Black is being honored, praised and applauded today on various financial websites, for his continued hammering of the poisoned and fraudulent key ...
by Badabing
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Believe me, I'm not going to hold my breath on this new report that just came out. Not after Joe Cassano, the top guy at AIG (after a two year investigation by AG Holder) was set free and clear, ...
by Badabing
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