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Since William Rehnquist joined the Supreme Court, it has made several rulings that have knocked the U.S. Constitution out of whack. Retired ...
by hungeski
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Let me be clear. I want to draw your attention to the work of others. First, in today's Boston Globe Derrick Jackson has ...
by teacherken
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Justice William H. Rehnquist, second from left, in June 1981 with his clerks from the 1980-81 term. John Roberts is on the right. (Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States) Maybe John ...
by Adam B
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In my blog from yesterday on the Obama Administration taking a hard line against leaks to the press, I didn't get into the equally important companion article on how desperate, worried officials at ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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The FBI's file on former Chief Justice William Rehnquist -- made public more than a year after his death -- ...
by trifecta
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crossposted from unbossed In his dissent in American Textile Manufacturers Institute v. Donovan , ...
by shirah
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is a topic that connects 2 editorials in the New York Times. The first is Paul Krugman's Wall Street Whitewash , from which I note in particular this ...
by teacherken
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Who really "poisoned the well" by making appointments to the Supreme Court a partisan issue? Republicans say it was Democrats when they blocked Robert Bork's nomination. Rubbish. It goes back at ...
by david78209
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by hungeski
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Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts is just too darned cute and handsome. I think it's time for people to start returning the grief he doles out. The Supreme Court's Office Contact: Public ...
by JerichoJ8
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They say that you should not ask how sausages and laws are made. Perhaps they should add Supreme Court decisions. Roe v Wade was decided on January 22, 1973 - one day after Richard Nixon was ...
by Ira Krakow
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Watching the subdued cooperation in the transition of the White House from the Babylonian Captivity of Bush to the hopeful advent of an Obama era one is reminded of an interesting back story about ...
by Morton Montgomery
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As idiotic as this is, the extent of President Bush's limitations escaped the vast majority of Americans until Katrina, for reasons I will never, ever understand. Standing in line at a bakery on the ...
by Barth
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Belated Prologue . . . I realize in retrospect I ranted and raged in haste. I was less reflective than I ...
by Bcgntn
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For years, Republics have been whining about the vast left-wing conspiracy and all that goes along with it; the librul media, activist judges and lock-step Democrats who vote in favor of every ...
by Bill Glass
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by serrano
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Now that the makeup and mindset of the "Party of no" has been fairly well dissected and summed up by the diarist Hunter , the ...
by hannah
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Why should Obama pick Al Gore for Supreme Court Of The United States? The answer is one word. PAYBACK. The biggest obstical in Gore's confirmation is he would be the first justice picked who ...
by rogue robot
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by jim bow
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by Virt
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