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Imagine telling AT&T you're done with dropped calls, or telling T-Mobile you're done with slow data. Yes, elections matter, and the FCC is proposing something spectacular for Americans...assuming ...
by james321
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A few weeks back, my wife and I were at some cafe somewhere. A group of twenty-somethings sat nearby, chatting. One of them raised her voice. "I'm tired of having a fake life online; I want a REAL ...
by Robert Dobbs
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There was an article in the Rutland (Vermont) Herald last June which was probably ...
by juliewolf
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by phild1976
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Twenty years ago, the big cable companies made a pact to install broadband cable everywhere in the country, from sea to shining sea. They obtained higher rates and surcharges to fund it, and now they'
by blueoregon
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America has a wide digital divide -- high-speed Internet access is available only to those who can afford it, at prices much higher and speeds much slower in the U.S. than they are around the world. ...
by Bill Moyers
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I noticed yesterday that there were at least a few people who voted on the poll without really checking ...
by fractal
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Over at TPMCafe , Art Brodsky (communications director for ...
by stevelu
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Just heard on CNBC that there should be an imminent news conference from the Department of Justice on "antitrust matters" relating to the proposed AT&T-T-Mobile merger that would effectively allow ...
by michael1104
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Many of you, I hope, are familiar with CREDO Mobile and CREDO Long Distance from Working Assets, and the ...
by Will Easton
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Excuse me for being a bit distracted this time around, as I'm still getting to know my newest Linux install, SabayonLinux. After using it for a bit ...
by fareast
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It's an exciting day here at Casa Kendrick. This week CSK and I got new computers--two laptops: his and hers. All week, I've been reveling in having My Very Own Computer, but today was the really ...
by mkkendrick
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At http://reddit.com/ the #1 item right now (~10:45 EST on Thursday 6 December) is "Insanity: House votes to criminalize the Internet, 409 to 2" -- about a bill which appears to be about fighting ...
by Sharkmeister
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The hammer that Verizon is seeking to bring down on its unionized workers is an important story--and the importance is being sorely missed, or at least, buried in everything I have read so far. ...
by Tasini
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Saw this in my L.A. Times this morning. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-lazarus-20130329,0,5601605,full.column The agency took steps against third-party charges on landline bills, but ...
by Quite Contrary
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by Dinaelurus illumina
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It usually takes fresh thinking to bring about positive changes in government, and sometimes it takes fresh faces. We had a great example of that in Silicon Valley last week as Jessica Rosenworcel ...
by CALinnovates
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This week the Washington Post's Cecilia ...
by levjoy
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by Dinaelurus illumina
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by lil bird
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