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by Maryscott OConnor
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by Mary Julia
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by pastordan
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While some are so easily judging Philip Seymour Hoffman for being weak, succumbing to his addiction, and leaving his three children behind, others see his death as a reminder to seek help. ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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I am seriously mentally ill. Seriously mentally ill people constitute only a small percentage of the population and is a designation reserved for the worst illnesses. The definitions differ, but ...
by AZ Desert Rat
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When things are illuminated, life is beautiful. Luminosity is, indeed, a wonderful thing. You are anchored in your body and that body is easy to please. You only have to honor the integrity of your ...
by Jason Hill
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A famous painting, /The Incidence at Teplitz/. The man on the left, bowing to the Austrian Emperor's family, is the poet ...
by Dumbo
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A couple weeks back I spotted a post on my meeting's listserve, soliciting personal anecdotes from people of faith who have disabilities. I've long been willing to be vocal about having a chronic ...
by cabaretic
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Everyone who homeschools has a different reason. Far fewer than you might realize do it for religious reasons. And socialization?? When you are low dog on the totem pole, you may ...
by rosabw
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A look at a cabaret singer who had style, fluency in several languages and a large repertoire of songs ..... but who was hard-wired for depression and took her own life, after the jump ....
by Ed Tracey
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"The night is the hardest time to be alive and 4am knows all my secrets" -- Poppy Z. Brite. "Turning and turning in ...
by Dumbo
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I have talked about my bipolar disorder before and since I am coming off a very long, deep depressive cycle I thought it might be helpful to diary the outcome. This is because I have seen several ...
by stevie avebury
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by Dissent
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June 10 was the bicentennial birthday of Robert Schumann. I'm not going to dwell on his backstory too much. There are too many people doing that quite well already. The short version: http://www....
by Dumbo
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All kidding aside, it's true. My former husband had his first psychotic episode on April 1 , 1984. Ever the punster/joker, he later referred to himself in a conversation with me as ...
by Gorette
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by manic lawyer
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by dale peters
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I wanted to write about him for Fathers Day next weekend. Then I thought it might be better to do it now and not cloud anyone else's holiday. I do not want to talk about my father as a father ...
by stevie avebury
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I was just browsing diaries this morning and ran across a link to the story on lolcats. Followed that and found:
by Anti Fanatic
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The "they" refers to the Human Service Center in Peoria, Illinois--but I'm getting ahead of myself. Last Friday night, I decided that I really couldn't wait for my Feb. 29th appointment at the ...
by Louisiana 1976
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