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It's been a hell of a last 8 months. Perhaps you've been spectating. Perhaps you've been so fully ground up in the gears of this economic apocalypse that there's no one around who can relate. Me? ...
by thepdxbikerboy
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I feel guilty telling my pathetic story after all the deaths, and bad diagnosis of late, but if I don't write it down, my head will explode. A bit of background, in case you don't know me. I'm a ...
by Phil N DeBlanc
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If you haven't seen this before, this really sums up what Republicans think of the Americans who work for a living.
by pollwatcher
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It has been 368 days since my company of 10 years laid me off. I could be bitter about it, I suppose, but having had access to the financials, I knew how bad things were and knew that on that day I ...
by Something the Dog Said
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I go into people’s homes for a living, from suburban McMansions to dumpy apartments. I see their family photos on the mantel; I smell what they’re cooking in their kitchens, and what they’ve ...
by DuzT
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I used to really love my job. So did my co-workers. I don't know too many people who could make that claim with a straight face but when we said it, we meant it. Not anymore. I work for a ...
by DuzT
Comment Count 388 comments on Sat May 19, 2012 at 05:10 AM PDT with 534 Recommends
So, I wrote a diary yesterday about how I was told by an HR professional that the company she works for doesn't hire anyone who is unemployed. Several people mentioned that I should try doing some ...
by frustrated1
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The St.Louis Science Center decided to fire me today for my affiliation with liberal groups online from OccupySTL.Org to even the non liberal website STLToday.com Apparently cause I have a bumper ...
by DF Taker
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Came across this blog today - 20 things the poor do every day . It is a must read and one everyone should reference when speaking to TeaPublicans. I dont want to repost the entire thing but go ...
by ksuwildkat
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Okay Kossack’s so here is the skinny; I have a freaking full time job!!! (and yes I do know that more than two exclamation marks is a sign of an unsound mind, thank you)! Starting tomorrow I am ...
by Something the Dog Said
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by NathanNewman
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Hello there! How can I assist you? Yes, it's three in the morning and the bars are closed. You're drunk and want a room? Great, I have a good rate for you. Want some food? Fabulous. I will make you ...
by CayceP
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crossposted from unbossed FedEx drivers have been fighting to be classified correctly as employees rather than incorrectly as independent contractors. It’
by shirah
Comment Count 219 comments on Wed Jan 02, 2008 at 04:39 AM PST with 256 Recommends
Not "Job Bank," but "Work Bank." Did you read If I don't get a Job this week, I'm homeless in June , by Jim P? I did. It was just the latest in a series of diaries from people suffering through ...
by dhonig
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I try to avoid the piefighting most of the time, I really do. But earlier today there was a diary written whose title was such that I had to just open it and see what was there. I won't link to it ...
by Got a Grip
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Dear Sarah, Can I call you Sarah? I know you like to do the Just Folks thing, so I assume you'll allow me to call you Sarah, right? I mean, it's not like you ever took that ...
by Laurence Lewis
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Just about three years ago, Secretary of Labor Chao was crowing that the Department of Labor was the first government agency to have gotten all green on ...
by shirah
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Two months ago we were so happy. My husband had finally gotten a new job after being laid-off for the sixth time since 2002. The toll on our marriage and our sanity had been so much that we were ...
by angrybird
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Red is corporate profits; blue is private sector wages Corporations are doing well. Workers, not so much. That could be the opening of just about any ...
by Laura Clawson
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I've mentioned before that I work at a Walmart store. I work very hard at my Walmart workplace. I had a day, on Easter Sunday, that was a little more stressful than usual. I'm very glad to have a ...
by bigjacbigjacbigjac
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