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Masjid Manhattan at 20 Warren St is four blocks north of the WTC site. The proposed new mosque everyone is talking about at 51 Park is two blocks north of ...
by topdog08
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Every 9/11, I take out the photographs I took of the "Missing Person" flyers in NYC. I'm posting them now to honor the people that died and to help keep their memory alive.
by Eileen B
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People all over the country are coming together to share a long awaited moment in our history. Right or wrong, there seems to be a need to share the feelings generated by Obama's announcement that ...
by Julie Gulden
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This is beyond. Maggie Haberman at Politico writes: I'm one of the New York ...
by stef
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I used to work in World Trade Center 1. I'm telling this story for the first time. I worked there back in the day of the dot com boom and when telecom was the big thing. Back when salespeople ...
by newyorknewyork
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Last year during the fifth anniversary of 9/11 ABC televised a mini-series "dramatizing" some of the events which supposed led to attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Now, amid ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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In a diary back in December, I asked readers to HR me into oblivion so that I would be banned from dKos. I ...
by davidseth
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Crossposted from ...
by Edger
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(This is my 9/11 Story and what I did on Thursday, September 13th 2001)
by ArthurPoet
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I recently read about former FBI Deputy Director John O'Neill's devotion to stopping global terrorism, and the tragic consequences. So I created this cartoon in his memory.
by thefarleftside
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News revelation: There were two Islamic religious sites in the Twin Towers!!
by Soulmentor
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Hmmm. I am skeptical but this sure seems like it needs airing: A team of nine scientists have released a startling new report on the events of 9/11, using data from dust gathered in ...
by a gnostic
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George W. Bush, The Worst President in the History of Time, has been given a rare opportunity ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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This is my 9/11 Story and what I did on Thursday, September 13th 2001 .....
by ArthurPoet
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On the anniversary of the attacks on World Trade Center. I was thinking this might be a good time to talk about my cover idea that was used for The New Yorker on their 5th Anniversary edition. That ...
by johnmav
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It was a beautiful, cloudless, blue sky of a day. My fianc´┐Ż, Liz, and I had driven through the Battery Tunnel from Brooklyn, excited to be married in less than 3 weeks. I dropped her off at ...
by David B
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My son and I running around the World Trade Center, July 1999. ...was a place to play, listen to jazz outside, pass through on my way to work, shop, visit ...
by Greek Goddess
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I cannot, for the life of me, remember where I've seen the reference to this event mentioned on DK, but I know I have. It just so happens that I found an article and have a picture of it. Pic below ...
by cirrocco
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The New York Post reports that World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein is having difficulty attracting tenants to the unfinished "Freedom" tower. According to columnist Steve Cuozzo,
by Dirk McQuigley
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Just received this in an email. As a US Marine Corps Sergeant Veteran, I find this Cpl to be on point with his scripting. Like the Cpl, we both worked in the South Tower (2 WTC) the tower that ...
by vyllyn
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