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(cross-posted at FiveThirtyEight.com ) The conservative website HowObamaGotElected.com reports that it has ...
by poblano
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Zogby asks if FCC should force "good" white people to make room to African-Americans and gays. I'm not kidding.
by LaurenMonica
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Well, here it is. The poll many of us have been discussing, which clearly shows Mr. Gore could immediately impact this race. More below,
by anoodle
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John Zogby is out with his last Iowa tracking poll, which shows a dramatic shift toward Barack Obama. John Edwards also has reason to be pleased. The link ...
by poblano
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I think Democrats really need to understand that John Edwards is the most electable Democrat in the general election , which is why I'm writing this diary. I am no fan of polls, and ...
by be inspired
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by kant
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So, I've been a fair amount of work on how to weight polls from different pollsters and from different periods of time. It beats what I consider to the the depressing tenor of the Democratic ...
by poblano
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Here's the latest from Newsmax/Zogby Now that the local news are holding Romney's feet to the fire about his lies regarding Chrysler shipping jobs to China, we should see more erosion from Romney's ...
by NMDan
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The South Carolina Debate The debate in South Carolina solidified John Edwards' position not only as the 'honest broker' between the three candidates, but as the honest broker of ...
by Shipjack
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by Icarus Ascending
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I guess how important this is depends on how much you trust John Zogby. But if true, this is BIG. (I searched, and can't find that this has been posted here. If it has, sorry and I'll ...
by ratmach
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Obama back over 50% @ Zogby !!! He's currently showing it a clean Obama lead of 7% Obama: 50.2% (49.1%) McCain: 43.3% (44.4%) Fuck ...
by Billary Redux
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Something to tuck you in at night Obama 50.3%, McCain 42.4%: Tightening? LOL, No... he's just copying dKos now Obama ...
by Steven R
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by Barbara Ann Radnofsky US Senate
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Things are getting ugly out there. So ugly, in fact, that pollster John Zogby says the word 'dark' is inadequate to plumb ...
by quaoar
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On Tuesday, November 4th, 2008, we the people proved the naysayers and doomsayers wrong. Predicting the future will always be a booming business. Veteran pollsters and pundits and consultants and ...
by Hudson
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