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Imagine this was your home town, because sooner or later, events like these are likely in your neighborhood too: Demand for electricity skyrocketed as air-conditioners ...
by jamess
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Good morning, Bomber and Meeses and everyone else. These Mondays really come around inexorably, don't they? Questions of the day: Of all the liberal causes out there (and they are legion), which is ...
by Floja Roja
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The 'independent' market monitor who has been investigating the events surrounding the Texas blackouts of February 2011 has released his report. You can find it ...
by echo still
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Do you like to spend your Sunday sitting on the couch watching your favorite local pro football team on the TV? Then this ...
by gjohnsit
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This diary is an update to my original smartmeter diary which can be found ...
by echo still
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Hino Electric Power Company is an independently owned and operated retail electric provider that operates in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. I first heard about them ...
by echo still
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In case you missed it - Miami is without power. FPL had an oops - the substation near a nuke plant had a trip off on a hot day. The problem is that the system cascades in an event like this. When a ...
by tjlord
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Ocassionally we hear about the intelligent grid. Reporters refer to it in an offhand manner. We know the building of it is in our future and yet neither Simulus I or Stimulus II contains much if ...
by Isabella Baumfree
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This Diary will use graphics and data to make an important point. It is a part of ...
by echo still
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Aug 17, 2011: This Diary has undergone a substantial rewrite but key points are the same The Texas blackouts of February 2011 have convinced me that smartmeters are not completely reliable. ...
by echo still
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by Grodge
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Ok...so, Texas had a cold snap...there were rolling blackouts...wholesale electricity prices went from $50 per MegaWatt to the cap of $3,000 per MegaWatt (which had been lifted from $2,250 to $3,000 ...
by echo still
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This diary will serve as a Dallas Fort Worth weather reference to my smartmeter ...
by echo still
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