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UPDATE: And now The Nephew and SwedishJewFish have both been bullied off this site. FUCK THAT! Personally if either of them want to post here, I will eagerly post for them with whatever attribution ...
by mole333
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by tgnyc
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Pardon me for the provocative title, but this being the post-racial wonderland of America, where the only racists are minorities and self-hating white liberals (of which I suppose I must count ...
by Steven D
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How many times have you heard Republicans accuse Democrats, specifically blacks and Latinos, of using the race card. Many times they get away with the accusations because they have mastered Lee ...
by Egberto Willies
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I was going to try and write a diary soon about how much I enjoyed meeting new friends and catching up with old friends in Minneapolis. I still hope to do so, even as it seems most folks are ...
by shanikka
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Being poor is never enjoyable. There are times, though, when the pain of poverty is even more acute. One of those times is the holiday season. When others are gathering with friends and family, ...
by RainbowGirl
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Back in January, ColorOfChange wrote an important and largely overlooked diary here on Daily Kos:
by mindoca
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================================================================== UPDATE: PER Meteor Blades , THE DIARIST,
by ThisIsMyTime
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I love the emails I receive from the What Tami Said blogger. I usually get daily updates and they are ...
by princss6
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by blksista
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Well, the yahoos are nursing hangovers from Mardi Gras, wondering who is (or isn't) in bed with them, and packing up to leave. Those citizens who are left are going back to work. Some will attend ...
by blksista
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I find diaries like this Why Everyone Should Study Slavery to be a Rorschach's test about unspoken assumptions on gay rights. It ...
by bruh1
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As millions of white Republicans (and I suppose a few from other races) prepare to vote in Tuesday's GOP Presidential Primaries in Alabama and Mississippi, I can't help but wonder how ...
by Kwik
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Seneca Falls, Selma, Stonewall. The three sites of progress toward civil rights for everyone that the President cited in his wonderful inaugural address yesterday. Hearing it made me sit up ...
by Dave in Northridge
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The role racism has played in the dismantling of the social safety net in the United States, in my opinion, has not been given the kind of attention it deserves. I find it frustrating that many ...
by mooremusings
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Alright my dewy-eyed, upwardly-mobile sons and daughters of the American Revolution—it’s high time to put away them crisp-cornered, technicolor Trapper Keepers you got atop your desks because we��
by Virally Suppressed
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The present focus of the national media is on police violence directed at black men. The movement #BlackLivesMatter is very much at the center of the controversies of the protest activity. It is my ...
by Richard Lyon
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It's happening here on DKos. The Kossacks are battling out the blame-game in the comments of a numerous amount of diaries based on the CNN exit poll data which reflects that a large portion of ...
by okaygal78
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I am both black and gay, and over the past few days I've seen and participated in the very heated discussion regarding Gays, Blacks, homophobia, and Prop 8. On one side you have those who have ...
by Yalin
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