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http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2011/11/15/gaddafi-duped-blair-over-destruction-of-chemical-weapons_n_1094305.html Stockpiles of chemical weapons have been discovered in Libya, David ...
by TarantinoDork
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Ethics from my upbringing . First and Second-hand Accounts of the Battle of Blair Mountain aka Redneck War of ...
by jeana brown
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On November 17, 2006 Mohamed Al Sanussi the son of Gaddafi's brother-in-law Abdullah Senussi, beat two call girls in London so severely that 21 year old Karen Etchebery sustained six broken bones in ...
by se portland
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Whitehall played the game according to Blair's pipe. As if that is any surprise, but it's good to see the evidence.
by SteinL
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Much has been said about it. Much will continue to be said about it. I'm talking about the marginalisation of the GOP, or what's already being referred to as their possible demise on the national ...
by BluePlatypus
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Compare Tony Blair's latest confession to mass murder with Bush's. The BBC has just aired an interview of Blair in which he was asked whether he would have attacked Iraq even if he had known there ...
by David Swanson
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Ok, the United Kingdom's political class is hardly popular at the moment what with politicians claiming public money to repair ...
by pwy
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Today British Prime Minister David Cameron ...
by Clay Claiborne
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As a student from the UK I try and keep up to date with what is going on in British politics. The news for the last few months has been mainly focused on the Iraq Inquiry. Nearly all the key members ...
by colben
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President elect Obama's choice of Admiral Dennis Blair for a top intelligence position is under attack from leading human right's activists. Blair's role in the violence instigated by the ...
by mikemcnary
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I was transported to dizzying heights by Barack Obama's moving speech Tuesday night. So, as I awaited Barack Obama's seemingly cumpulsory pilgrimage to ...
by jorogo
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They then can send off copies to the Architects of, the bushco crime syndicate, so everyone's, coming out of the conservative think{?} tanks, talking points are on the right pages for the Murdock/...
by jimstaro
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The RedStaters are going mad over Obama's supposed gaffes while in the UK (link intentionally not provided): Embarrassingly Inept Obama Stumbles Over Diplomacy, Protocol Yet ...
by JLFinch
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Ok, now I'm no gun nut. I don't belong to the NRA. I don't even own a gun. But this is the kind of thing that my Republican family has been warning me about . . . Gun Control in America.
by seattlesands
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Nb. The political systems in the UK and USA are sufficiently different to render any comparison between events either side of the pond entirely pointless. I am not a member or supporter of the ...
by ewan husarmee
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