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Were it not for his pathetic appearances before Congress over the firing of US Attorneys, Alberto Gonzales would still be Attorney General of the United States. He would be happily presiding over ...
by seesdifferent
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That's right. Yesterday at a debate between Rep. Virgil Goode of Virgina's 5th district and his Democratic challenger Tom Perriello Goode said this "And they want me out of Congress, ...
by Populista
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Sad news of a truste DKOS member.
by matt n nyc
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The original of this diary got chopped because AP sicced a thug on droogie and threatened him through his employer. The GBCW diary, today, recounts what happened. Well, Hell, my uncle did two+ years ...
by vets74
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Yeah, vets74 beat me to it . But I said I would, so here it is. Note to the AP: This is being done from home, on my own time. Any ...
by Moody Loner
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This morning I was watching "Morning Joe" where Willie Geist is holding down the fort fot Joe Scarborough while he is on his summer quality time with his family, otherwise known as a vacation. I ...
by testvet6778
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I haven't been around Kos lately. I've been writing a lot on my own blog and have been supplying articles to the Huffington Post's business section. But there is another reason for my lack of work ...
by bonddad
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Bloggers broke an unprecedented legal attempt to stop the Guardian from reporting on British Parliament's discussion of a case where the oil trading firm Trafigura intentionally dumped highly toxic ...
by FishOutofWater
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NOTE: I'll have to make this quick, as I'm on deadline at my real job. Juan Williams on Hannity and Colmes is saying that what Markos Moulitsas does is not reporting. Unlike Juan Williams,
by droogie6655321
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Though my understanding of biology is basic, I know definitively that at one time you had a mother and a father, which makes you someone's son or daughter and that fact alone should give you the ...
by JeffLieber
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Despite the thin skin over anonymous comments brought to us by Washington villager John Harwood, White House Deputy Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer has gone ON THE FUCKING RECORD: &...
by brooklynbadboy
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In this week's issue of TIME magazine, arriving in print and online tomorrow, columnist James Poniewozik uses the passing of Tim Russert to highlight the decline of the Old Media and the rise of the ...
by GregMitch
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As the Daily Dish wrote today, "The revolution will not be televised--it will be YouToubed." Cable news is too busy presenting us with the viewpoint of every passenger on the Detroit flight who ...
by CatM
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I have been an avid reader of Iraqi blogs since 2004. Throughout this long war, I have made it a point to read a variety of Iraqi blogs, even the hack blog Iraq the Model. What has been stunning, ...
by beachmom
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by Levity
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If you type "adriansmith.house.gov" into the address bar of your web browser, you'll find the official web site of Republican Congressman Adrian Smith (NE-03). However, if you head over to the ...
by Eric Nebraska
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by Steven D
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Yesterday, there was a bloggers conference call with Leader Pelosi. When it was my trun to talk, I asked her to explain why "mouth-breathing, nose-picking idiots" that listen to right-wing talk ...
by Mike Stark
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The next time Marcy Wheeler scoops TradMed, as she did last weekend about ...
by TeddySanFran
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by Carnacki
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