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Here's an interesting report , and it's about the White House lashing out at Dr. ...
by slinkerwink
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After Ahmadinejad's Coup I have received reports from some friends inside of Iran, who conveniently enough I met through some soccer forums. The information lies deeper. But to begin some of what I ...
by electronicmaji
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I got a disgusting email today, and I replied back. I doubt I get a response though... Follow me below the jump to check it out....
by fromdabak
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(From TWD ) Anthony Weiner, who I'm so happy he represents Brooklyn, made one of the more intelligent ...
by sluggahjells
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Continued and Live Blog Here Note: We are simply ...
by Clifflyon
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Could this be the beginning of something new in the Congressional Progressive Caucus? The progressives in Congress threw a revolt over the compromises to the Blue Dog Democrats, and delayed ...
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(PLEASE rec and comment to KEEP THE HOPE ALIVE for the reformers who want A FREE IRAN. Hopefully they'll see our support for their FIGHT FOR CHANGE!) UPDATE 5: VIDEO: http:/
by VT ConQuest
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Yesterday, the Tri-Caucus, which is made up of the Congressional Black ...
by slinkerwink
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I've been reading reports of people here on Dailykos who say, "Well, maybe a regional co-op would be okay. Maybe we might have the votes for a national co-operative." They are dead wrong on ...
by slinkerwink
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The lady with an imagination so good that Spongebob could learn from her has decided to make a surprising career move after her great performance ...
by sluggahjells
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The committee mark-up is going to start at 4PM. PLEASE LIVEBLOG the proceedings of the mark-up below ...
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My name is Noelle Cigarroa Bell. I'm 27 years old, and deaf. I was recently married on August 3rd, 2009 to my wonderful husband. I ...
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Our phone calls are working. Our e-mails are working. Our faxes are working.
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The House has always been more liberal than its Senate counterpart, and their own health care draft, which will be released in full later today at 1 p.m.,
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The Third Way , a think tank that calls itself "progressive" but really isn't a progressive think tank, came out ...
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A majority of polls have shown that Americans, time after time, favor a strong Medicare-like public option that is immediately available, can deliver quality health care with affordable premiums, ...
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I've obtained a list of their demands from Politico's Pulse , and they want to kill the public option AND the national insurance exchange.
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I wrote a few days ago about why regional co-operatives aren't an acceptable alternative ...
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Time after time again, Senator Lieberman has made a laughingstock of the Democratic Party. He's like a rotten, spoiled child who knows he can get away with anything he wants because he knows he won'...
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One of our health care heroes, Dr. Howard Dean, just blasted Senator Baucus's health industry bill, and called it for it was---a boondoggle for private insurers. ...
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