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When 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard A. Posner speaks, for better or for worse, lawyers, Judges, and Supreme Court Justices listen. Possibly the most well-known jurist ...
by Dartagnan
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This is a quickie because it's nearly 2 am here and I just saw this Tweeted by our pal Brad Friedman. Link and go: State Investigating Vote Irregularities ...
by Black Max
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Around 8pmest every night Glenn Greenwald on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan show(fill-in host):
by cedar park
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Julian Assange's statement after extradition ...
by cedar park
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Around 8pmest every night Seems like the transitionn to DK4 has been pretty damned awesome for Anonymous and Wikileaks diaries. Awesome. Will link to them after the jump.
by cedar park
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Around 8pmest every night Starting Monday I will be raising funds for Planned Parenthood:) Professional um, erm..Ass...um Rep Peter King (R-NY) chair of the US ...
by cedar park
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The HBGary/Chamber of Commerce/Bank of America/Justice Department would-be espionage case gets deeper and deeper and more and more interesting. For a fantastic background summary, don't ...
by Joan McCarter
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GOP Voter Registration Firm Turns in Thousands of 'Invalid' Registration Forms in California Long history of Republican registration fraud continues, dwarfs allegations against ACORN workers UPDATE:
by jamess
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Here's a story, that like me, you may have mentally filed as "Learn about Later" ... Well Today, is 'Later' .... for me, anyways. Takes a few minutes, you may be surprised ...
by jamess
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Well we knew it was coming. After actual independent research was conducted we find that those black box voting machines are fraught with vulnerabilities. I don't like to see paper wasted but I ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Oh boy...when it rains it pours. It seems that Ann Coulter could be in a little more trouble than originally believed.
by Jen Hayden
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by The Bulldog Manifesto
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by Todd Beeton
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by jorndorff
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We all know that it has been discovered the Strategic Allied Counseling has been fraudulently registering voters . This includes registering dead voters, refusing to register non-Republican voters ...
by ThatPoshGirl
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Yes, and now, all of those questions you've had about her will finally be answered. No, not that. The current issue of Hustler Magazine has an article entitled "Is Ann Coulter a Felon?" ...
by greggp
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by SisTwo
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Election Systems! My #1 priority for Democracy, closely followed by Media Reform. There's been a rush (no pun intented) to pass this bill, but we need to proceed with caution. Rush Holt's new ...
by LNK
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Brqad Friedman over at HuffPo and his own BradBlog has a ...
by Airmid
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OhioNews Bureau: Columbus: It’s unfortunate that Ohio had to wait until the November general elections were over before winning a poll-worker training grant from ...
by John Michael Spinelli
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