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Many of us understand the damage Rush Limbaugh, FOX News, and 'hate media' has done to our country in promoting racism, homophobia, misogyny and bigotry. They perpetuate lies and poison the minds ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Losing friends happens to everyone one way or another. They move away, fade away, pass away, and sometime part ways after a falling out. In any of those cases, friends may have been lost, but they ...
by NGUinBuffalo
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The corruption in this country has reached such alarming levels, and the consequences when it comes to the direct harm that corruption inflicts on the population (and the world) so atrocious, that ...
by Ray Pensador
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"Some days this feels so absurd,'' said FSU student, Ralf Wilson, who is studying mathematics. "Our world is so distant from this giant, powerful empire that is Koch Industries. It's surreal to ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Many of us understand the damage that has been done by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, FOX News, and Hate Media. You can hear the promotion of blatant racism, homophobia, misogyny and bigotry just by ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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by Troutfishing
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I recently wrote a Daily Kos diary ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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This diary is meant as an adjunct to Buckeye Hamburger's excellent diary, Interrogator Confesses Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners on WaPo . ...
by Valtin
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The New York Times had a front page article on the legal ...
by Valtin
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Scenes of Libyans burning The Green Book , Muammar Gaddafi's three-volume "...
by Meteor Blades
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David Rose at the British paper The Mail got the scoop that was former Guanatanamo prisoner Binyam Mohamed's "world exclusive" post-release interview. ...
by Valtin
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In 1973, when the CIA got wind of the revelations that would expose its decades-long program into mind control experiments, then-CIA Director Richard Helms, and Sidney Gottlieb, head of the Agency's ...
by Valtin
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The headline gets right to the point: [http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/election_20082/2008_presidential_election/palin_power_fresh_face_now_more_popular_than_obama_mccain ...
by Inky99
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by dynamicstand
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Something coalesced for me when I read this comment in a recent diary : I have always disagreed with ...
by WereBear
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At the center of the bottom of the lowest circle of hell, one finds the souls abandoned to torture. They are placed so far from heaven and earth because they are totally forgotten. The witnessing of ...
by Valtin
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[The following is reposted from ...
by Valtin
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Barbara Ehrenreich is justly famous for her writing on women's issues, as well as social and economic justice. Her best known books are "Nickled and Dimed - On Not Getting By in America" and "Bait ...
by QuestionAuthority
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Update [2008-3-12 17:57:0 by clammyc]: Apparently, there is unwarranted confusion between what I am saying below about the long term psychological impact of torture and isolation ...
by clammyc
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Joost Meerloo was a Dutch psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who, having fled German-occupied Holland in 1942, and survived torture by the Gestapo in Belgium, made a name for himself in British and U.S. ...
by Valtin
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