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by webranding
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I often mention here I'm a marketing/advertising guy. I say it because it directly shapes how I view the world in more ways than I care to admit. What is the phrase, when you are a hammer everything ...
by webranding
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by Rippe
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The distance between what we say & what we do Reince Priebus says many people have misconceptions about Republicans, but his fancy new report 'splains how they can fix it. So why do people think ...
by Mother Mags
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by thorny1
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Laura Ingraham , in all-out despair mode: If I'm hiring messaging people, I'm finding out, for instance, who did the original Geico gecko commercial, because that guy or gal who ...
by kos
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There is something almost ridiculous about the political (as opposed to policy) pronouncements of some of our smart blogging wonks. For example, when discussing the malleable concept of electability ...
by Big Tent Democrat
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Boeing manufactured the B-17 Flying Fortress and B-29 Superfortress during World War II. The B-17 was produced in Boeing's home State of Washington; but the manufacturing of the B-29 involved ...
by Bud Meyers
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With Monday's publication of "[http://www.alternet.org/media/145218/naomi_klein%3A_how_corporate_branding_took_over_the_white_house How Corporate Branding Took Over the White House,]" Naomi ...
by bobswern
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In an article entitled The Corporate Co-Opt of "Local" author ...
by citisven
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by Malacandra
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Who would have thought that in 2011, we would be closer ...
by Georgia Logothetis
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Authenticity is a rather subjective concept. Attempts to define it usually wind up running around in circles :
by poblano
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Americans conduct their lives in a world of corporately managed consciousness. Billions of dollars are spent in an effort to convince us what to buy, who to vote for, who to like, who to friend, who ...
by Richard Lyon
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I know that some of you are old enough to remember the Coca Cola Crash. Coke, an internationally marketed product, widely loved, generates billions for its corporate share holders. Where ever in ...
by Granny Doc
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You've probably seen some version of this before...
by poblano
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Cross-posted at MyDD . Hi, everyone. Long time no see. Today I want to tell you about one thing that I’ve been doing since the campaign season ended.
by Sarah R Carter
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Quick, in a sentence or less, what's President Obama about ? Two years into his presidency, what's his brand ? The two I came up with -- Pragmatism (the President Who Gets ...
by david mizner
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This is a weekly diary series focused on marketing strategies and tactics. The objective is simple. Outline the basics to help somebody working on a grassroots political campaign raise ...
by webranding
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E.J. Dionne writes : It wasn't all that long ago that Democrats and liberals were said ...
by Big Tent Democrat
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