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I understand that it's a little goofy to draw lessons from a fictional movie, but I am going to proceed nonetheless. My wife and I were just watching Braveheart and there was one interesting element ...
by Cenk Uygur
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It was strange for a brother from the hood to like classic British TV series, but I was no ordinary brother. In Cleveland, Ohio (my hometown), I fell in love with the Saint, the Barron, The ...
by Abacab
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What does it take to inspire people? To reach deep down into their hearts to help spark the strongest emotions born out of every person's desire to be free and to live in dignity? Of course, that'...
by Ray Pensador
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If you can get at the comments or recs of my diary naming Braveheart, PLEASE REMOVE RECS AND/OR HR. Thank you. ~ Rich in PA informed me that Braveheart's father did not want her publicly named . ...
by cai
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Barack Obama has two words for us: "New Hampshire" And I've got three more: "Ohio, Virginia, Colorado" According to Electoral-Vote.com there is only ...
by hishighness
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As usual, the GOP twists history and conflates the English language to help push the people's brains over the edge. Nothing new. On CSPAN one of the faces of the GOP came right out and said: The ...
by War on Error
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