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Glenn Greenwald just released a statement/essay on the nine hour detention of his significant other partner by British security officials as he changed flights to Brazil from Germany via London ...
by jpmassar
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"You can’t imagine the happiness I am feeling," said Maria Benedita Sousa. Sousa is an American success story. She has pulled herself up by the bootstraps in one of the poorest areas of the ...
by Magnifico
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Oakland, Cairo, Athens, Brazil, Istanbul. All scenes of significant clashes with police these last years. Today, add to that list Rexton, New Brunswick, Canada . A line of vehicles on fire. ...
by jpmassar
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I'm over 50, and out of work right now. I watched the 2009 George Clooney movie, " Up in the Air " last night, and as much as I like ...
by Richard Cranium
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As the global revolution against the increasingly supra-national ruling elites continues to spread like wildfire, Brazil is quickly becoming a hopeful example of what happens when the people awaken ...
by Ray Pensador
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On June 7th, just a few days after the world became aware of the existence of former Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, the editors of the New York ...
by bobswern
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So says a protester walking though the streets of Sao Paul as water service is being drastically cut due to a relentless drought in Brazils most populous state. The 20 million people that live in ...
by Pakalolo
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I just saw this posted in the Times. I haven't seen it discussed before but the article suggests that Clinton has invested in a company that maintained cruel and intolerable conditions for its ...
by mayan
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The revelations about the spying activities of the NSA continue to reverberate around the world. Most Americans seem to be primarily concerned with the issue of whether their 4th amendment rights ...
by Richard Lyon
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by HoundDog
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New revelations on the role Australia plays in NSA intercepts emerged in RT. New revelations on espionage against Brazil are in O Globo. Also, separately, Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, ...
by CharlesII
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The NSA's mass and indiscriminate spying on Brazilians As the headline suggests, the crux of the main article details how the NSA has, for years, systematically tapped into the Brazilian ...
by Richard Lyon
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In addition to damaging the reputation and moral standing of the U.S., the NSA spying scandal is damaging U.S. economic prospects by making U.S. tech companies less competitive . Now the economic ...
by Lawrence
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by Denise Oliver Velez
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While we are consumed with hunting down the largest flat screen TV for the cheapest price, or decrying the new security measures for air travelers, the city of Rio de Janeiro is caught up in a war ...
by bruised toes
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by Denise Oliver Velez
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Crossposted from The People's View More photos of President Obama's visit in ...
by ThisIsMyTime
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Welcome to the Overnight News Digest (OND) for Monday, October 19, 2009. OND's ...
by BentLiberal
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in 2001, i paddled my way deep into the woods of canada. i and a small group of friends were on a 10-day canoe trip in ontario's algonquin provincial park. it was beautiful and wild, full of star-...
by siddharthasays
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by Black Kos
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