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The people who run Burger King may be the worst human beings on the planet. No, I am not exaggerating. They are the greediest, least compassionate, and most despicable corporate actors I ...
by Geekesque
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There's not much that is more American than a good old Whopper. A mainstay of juicy deliciousness that makes you follow your nose to the source. Well Guess What? The source is moving - to save on ...
by veldaofbabylon
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It can only be physically found behind one counter at one Burger King in the heart of San Francisco’s gay neighborhood (Gayhorhood) but customers at this location may be surprised ...
by Christian Bentzen
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A judge administered some hard slaps to a Burger King franchisee who illegally targeted workers for their activism . Managers for EYM King, which ...
by Laura Clawson
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We've already got Tom Vilsack as the head of the USDA, but the Vilsack USDA will also be incredibly influenced by the Deputy Secretary. And I have bad news about that that requires immediate action ...
by OrangeClouds115
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Tom and Georgia Barnett in the car they won. Tom and Georgia Barnett own and operate 24 Burger King stores and were recently awarded "Franchisee of the Year" by Burger King, an award given for ...
by Jen Hayden
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Well said: http://www.thenation.com/article/176735/bill-de-blasio-burger-king-unsupportable-situation#
by poopdogcomedy
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by Laura Clawson
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Burger King will purchase Canadian ...
by Joan McCarter
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Corporations, my friend, are people who shouldn't pay taxes. Yeah, that's the ticket. Last week, the Obama administration issued new ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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When I served in the Army my first duty station was in ...
by Mark E Andersen
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Whoa, get this! Burger King's been SPYING on student activists. The reason? They don't want to pay workers an extra PENNY per pound of tomatoes. Lame. And not just a little bit sick. This ...
by OrangeClouds115
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R ight now, our economy is experiencing a sea change in how it operates, and very little of it is taking place in the view of the public. This change is making waves in ways that affect the ...
by Jay Elias
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Some of you might recall the original diary, Their Reality has Lapped Our Satire from last July. I reprised it at The Daily Pulse on behalf of this ...
by dhonig
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There are three items in the New York Times today worth taking a look at: Joe Nocera , Charles M. Blow , and a Times editorial . In reverse order,
by xaxnar
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Well, we won this one.
by robroser
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There is nothing sexy about corporate tax law and, even if there was, most of us wouldn't get it. The average American is more than happy to cede the details of such economic mechanics to "the few, ...
by BetteNoir
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by marrael
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As mentioned a couple of nights ago, I will endorse candidates whom I believe will help Obama's agenda of progressive change in Congress. Tonight, I will ...
by Eternal Hope
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Mirabile Investment Corporation (MIC), a major owner of Burger King franchises in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi, decided to sell climate change denial along with their high fat, sodium, and ...
by DWG
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