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         -- from the lyrics of the Ode to ...
by Dumbo
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"Our riches, being in our brains, die with us...unless of course someone chops off our head, in which case, we won't need them anyway."-W. A. Mozart Mozart as Goth music. Check ...
by Dumbo
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A famous painting, /The Incidence at Teplitz/. The man on the left, bowing to the Austrian Emperor's family, is the poet ...
by Dumbo
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Frank Zappa was a rock musician... AND a classical composer. He was also somewhere in-between a lot of the time. Funny. Researching Zappa for this diary, his name kept popping up in lists of ...
by Dumbo
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No Vaughan Williams tonight. This diary will indeed be a memorial to Van Cliburn, an American pianist who might have had a wonderful career had celebrity and the Cold War not found him exactly at ...
by Dave in Northridge
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/Sunrise, as seen from the International Space Station. h/t NASA/ Some weeks back, when I needed to manufacture a quick, lazy ...
by Dumbo
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On the right, we have a famous painting of composer Johann Sebastian Bach. My first thought when seeing that ...
by Dumbo
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Where to begin? To understand The Planets is to explore Gustav Holst--his character, his life, and his influences. The Planets is Holst's best known and best loved work. And as ...
by zenbassoon
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Greetings, music lovers! Dumbo has kindly lent me an installment of this great series to use any which way I like, so... Is music capable of bringing us to ecstasy ? ... I don't mean just the ...
by pico
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If I've put off covering Beethoven's Fifth for more than a year, it's not because it's not great music or because it's difficult to ...
by Dumbo
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Entartete Kunst . Literally, Degenerate Art, a term invented by the Nazis to describe literally all modern art, and especially modern art by Jews. Like this song by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt ...
by Dumbo
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Ah! The children of the night! What beautiful music they make! [Spoken in my scariest Bela Lugosi voice.] Oh, does that scare you too much? Imagine Gary Oldman's voice, then. Sadly for ...
by Dumbo
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'Tis indeed the season. I really wanted to do a diary on Ralph Vaughan Williams's underperformed Christmas oratorio Hodie but it turns out that had already been done . So I figured the next best ...
by Dave in Northridge
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In 1939, as Spain was still embroiled in the closing days of the Spanish Civil War, and as the rest of Europe prepared for its own spree of mass murders, the blind Joaquin Rodrigo, exiled in Paris, ...
by Dumbo
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Why do I even need to write a diary about Schoenberg when there are great albums like this for sale? You should buy it just for the pootie on the cover!
by Dumbo
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December's been a crappy month for me. I'm going to postpone the second part of our Beethoven's Ninth diary until next Thursday. I thought I had time, today, to post something, though, just to ...
by Dumbo
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/Retreat from Moscow 1812, painting by Prianishnikov/ And here we go, continuing our three part survey of the ...
by Dumbo
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Last week, Bluegrass50 told us that the following (30 second clip) is his favorite part of the Beethoven Fifth Symphony.
by Dumbo
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K364. Many have died scaling its heights. Oh... that's K2. But K. 364, oh dear. Try googling it. The diehard ...
by Dumbo
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Alice Herz-Sommer. 108 years old. Survivor of Terezin Concentration Camp. Concert Pianist. A treasure. Here she is, at the young age of 106, playing the Beethoven Moonlight Sonata on what I ...
by Dumbo
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