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Details emerged late yesterday, about how the newly hired,
by Scott Wooledge
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I will explain my title only at the end. Please bear with me. I do not normally read Dana Milbank. Shortly after his column today went up online, my wife read it, and told me I would want to ...
by teacherken
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The police report details are getting out. Even though the gun shop clerks thought there was something "off with him" -- the Tucson Shooter was armed and dangerous again in no time. Faster than it ...
by jamess
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( Right Wing Watch )
by Hunter
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When Gabby Giffords was gunned down in Tucson in 2011, she was fortunate to have an intern with medical training. That intern, Daniel Hernandez, quickly realized that Giffords had been hit in the ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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We think we know ourselves. All of us. We tell ourselves and our friends how we would react if this or that happened. "I would have punched him," we say. "I would never have lost my temper," we say.
by Els
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Yesterday the Obama Administration's Department of Justice submitted its appeal brief ...
by jpmassar
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by CityLightsLover
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Tuesday was an exciting day for Democrats, as the first victories were registered in the beginning of the presidential campaign that will smash the Republican stranglehold on our nation. Ohio, ...
by LibertySon
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was a day of horror in Tucson Arizona. A deranged young man opened fire. The dead on the scene included Federal District Chief Judge John Roll; Community Outreach Director for the Congresswoman ...
by teacherken
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Daniel Hernandez - hero intern.
by mdgarcia
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Wouldn’t it be a shame if we didn’t take this opportunity, and the loss of these incredible people, and the pain that their loved ones are going through right now, wouldn’t ...
by Lets Breakthrough
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Esby here. Not really in the mood to satire the news this week, even reading it wore me down. I'll let the words speak for themselves.
by esby
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