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Pete Stark (D-CA 13) held not just one, but three town hall meetings on healthcare Saturday in his East Bay district. The first one, in Fremont, has already been diary'd; and we skipped the second ...
by Simian
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by RLMiller
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Today, the Secular Coalition for America has announced the first U.S. Congressman to go publicly on record as holding no belief in god. The Secular Coalition for America is the only organization ...
by simplicio
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This morning I strolled my baby down the street to Pete Stark's (D, CA-13) Healthcare Townhall. I was warned to show up early, at least 8:30 AM, since the place was bound to be filled up early. Well ...
by aigeanta
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Yesterday I wrote a diary about the standards that the netroots should consider before getting behind a candidate. It was a ...
by Sam Spencer for County Commissioner
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Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson may jump into the Senate race whether or not Marco Rubio runs for re-election Leading Off : • FL-Sen : Outspoken Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson represents a safe ...
by Jeff Singer
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I'm starting up this series again. I'm going to try to do at least 2 rounds before the 2010 election. It will be an update of the previous series, which makes it a lot easier, as some things haven'...
by plf515
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With just about a month to go, it's time for the FINAL round of my Congressional Races series. This will just be updates of my previous series, but a lot has changed. Today: California Summary: ...
by plf515
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Just got back from an hour or so outside Congressman Pete Stark's town hall meeting in Alameda CA. I was part of a large crowd that couldn't get into the meeting because the hall was full. ...
by Wolf10
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It is a long overdue move. Details found at the Secular Coalition of America press release: http://secular.org/news/pete_stark_070312.html "Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.), a member of Congress ...
by Brian63
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by Jeff Singer
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I decided to try my hand at redistricting California's Congressional districts for 2010-2012, using Dave's Redistricting App . ...
by MattTX
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Now that the primary dust is settled and I have some time, I can present my analysis of the California districts this year. With top-two, we have some more interesting races to watch. With the lack ...
by SoCalGal23
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The elections are 11 months away, so I am going to start this series again, updating my earlier ones. [Earlier in this round Congressional races 2010, round 2: AL, AK, AZ, AR]. Today: California ...
by plf515
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I urge you to read this diary which explains better than I can why John Laesch is a ...
by Sam Spencer for County Commissioner
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Taking into account some suggestions and comments, I made some changes to my ...
by MattTX
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Calitics has a piece on Congressman Pete Stark's AmeriCare Health Care Act which would provide universal healthcare coverage and would cost less than what we currently pay. http://bluesunbelt.com/...
by Rob
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Pennsylvania's Republican Sen. Pat Toomey starts the 2016 cycle as a top Democratic target Leading Off : • PA-Sen : Here's how you know the 2015-16 election cycle has officially begun: The good ...
by David Nir
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Now I see what the right wingers were saying about the extreme left's blind Bush hatred. I find Stark's comments to be totally fine and on target except the words "for the President's amusement." I ...
by ihlin
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This is a PSA for those of you in the CA-13 district. I just got this from Pete Stark's mailing list and it's interesting, though at a time where I'm actively using lots of web-based seminars and ...
by Isara
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