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then have I got a no-brainer for you. Imagine a Democratic office holder with a long track record of being a progressive on issue after issue. Now imagine someone who just because s/heia entitled ...
by teacherken
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When patent-lawyer and ex-Deputy Assistant Secretary at Obama’s Commerce Department, Ro Khanna, announced his intentions to run against incumbent Democrat Mike Honda, the national media was a buzz -
by Glen The Plumber
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Me on crutches getting canvassing instructions from Mike Honda. People call me TheLittleOne because I am 10 years old. I am concerned about Climate Change and how it will effect me and my generation.
by TheLittleOne
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Since entering the race for California’s congressional district 17, the Ro Khanna campaign has flooded the district with despicable, malicious, and misleading attacks ...
by Glen The Plumber
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We live in an uncertain time in history; a time when the silence of our leaders is louder than the call to confront what has become our greatest challenge facing humanity. While our leaders occupy ...
by remembrance
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Good leaders lead by example. Seems obvious to parents, who without pause would say to their children, “If your friend is bullying somebody, you tell your friend to stop. If your friend doesn't ...
by Glen The Plumber
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Rep. Mike Honda with one of his more prominent endorsers.
by Laura Clawson
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by RLMiller
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According to the Center for Responsive Politics’ list of candidates receiving the most money from Wall Street donors, Ro Khanna is #3. He finds himself at the ...
by Glen The Plumber
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…But it is not the kind shared by many working-class Americans. The new start-up “CrowdPac” is seeking to provide easy to digest information to voters, the kind usually only available to ...
by Glen The Plumber
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Distort |disˈtôrt| give a misleading or false account or impression of. Mike Honda, Peace Corp I’ve seen the website, Truth Squad 17 , a site "committed to a campaign ...
by Glen The Plumber
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Democratic Sen. Mark Warner (left) has ...
by Jeff Singer
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…And who am I to disagree. Last week when the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce PAC announced their endorsement of Democratic candidate Ro Khanna, praising him as “right-...
by Glen The Plumber
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Thank you for joining me for my first DailyKos Live Blog! As a proud progressive, I’d like for these conversations to become a regular occurrence. For this first post I'd like to focus on Social ...
by Mike Honda
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It looks like Democratic Sen. Mark Warner has kept his seat by the skin of his teeth. We have several contests that have not been called for one party or the other as of Wednesday afternoon. You ...
by Jeff Singer
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For a time, about 35 years ago, the region that dubbed itself "Silicon Valley" - the greater southern end of the San Francisco Bay Area - had an ethos different from the rest of the country. Various ...
by Anakai
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"Right Turn" Ro Khanna Ro Khanna is nominally a Democrat running against current Congressman Honda,
by slowbutsure
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Democrat Mike ...
by Joan McCarter
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As Election Day nears, the battle for California’s 17th congressional district has gotten ugly; with Ro Khanna’s campaign realizing their only hope is to fling mud at the well-respected, ...
by Glen The Plumber
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Democratic Rep. Ron Barber (middle) Several races remain uncalled as of Friday morning. You can check who has won each key race at our race tracker here , and you can also keep an eye ...
by Jeff Singer
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