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One is left to wonder, though, if negative talk from the right upsets the democratic senator who appears to help the GOP more than the democrats. Republicans certainly appear to make her ...
by harlinchi
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So I come across an article on the Hill where Darell Issa is calling the Sestak ...
by xsonogall
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Crossposted from The People's View . If progressives are looking for a Senate race in which they can be proud of fighting for probably the ´┐Żliberal ...
by deaniac83
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Katrina vanden Heuvel is editor and publisher of the Nation, a left of center magazine, and writes a weekly column for The Washington Post. Today she wrote about progressive disillusionment and the ...
by TomP
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The L.A. Times reports today that its L.A. Times/USC Poll shows Jerry Brown's lead in the California governor'...
by nirbama
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This is a story about the incredible contrast between two great Americans and one pretty shitty American who is unfortunately linked to them. It is about the best that America and the worst of ...
by fizziks
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Barbara Boxer has a progressive voice that Americans desperately need. While following the California elections from here in the east is probably misleading,
by Eddie C
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You would think that the last thing Republicans would do after they and the CEO bosses screwed up the economy would be to run two CEOs in California for Senate and Governor. But they did. Today, ...
by TomP
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Today, I spent three hours campaigning in the Palo Alto region for the California Democratic Party. While I had one of my posters ripped in half in front of me, an old geezer threatened to call the ...
by Teenaged Pundit
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It's great to be back here blogging with you at DailyKos! First off, I'd just like to thank you for all of your support in the past -- ...
by Barbara Boxer
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I don't have time to work a full diary, right now, but as a California Democrat, it disgusts me when I see people promote Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as a liberal or moderate. He talks the talk, but ...
by Laurence Lewis
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Hi, I'm Lucas O'Connor, webmaster for ...
by Barbara Boxer
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Nate's blog: 538 New projection: 52.1 D, 47.9R, and 0.1 Charlie Crist's or Lisa Murkowski's. Last week the GOP had a 24% chance of takeover.
by blue aardvark
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It's a little early in the week for abject sexism, but former CIA director Michael Hayden decided to kick things off anyway . [Senator Dianne] Feinstein declared that the findings [of the report on ...
by novapsyche
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The only benefit to Sen. Feinstein's new measure to ...
by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse
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It's not often that I can feel proud of my state. After all, California has one of the most dysfunctional legislatures on the continent, we passed Proposition 8, we have a deficit the size of the ...
by jpmassar
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by Neutron
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A convert. At least some Senate Democrats have had enough after Monday afternoon, when Republicans ...
by Joan McCarter
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538 Good news for Democrats: CT-Sen (7-13%) and DE-Sen (17-19%) are looking good ...
by blue aardvark
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by Steve Singiser
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