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Please feel free to use the material/links to make your own blog. Copy, paste, post. Post everywhere you can think of. Let's try to have a 10.2.10 Diary visible throughout the day. So, please ...
by War on Error
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by JekyllnHyde
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UPDATE: The Lincoln Memorial venue opens at 6:00AM on 10.2.10. Early birds will get the best seats/stands. Well, what a week. More and more reasons to GET ON THE BUS or Attend a rally near you ...
by OneNationWorkingTogether
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by barkingcat
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"What you have done here, is amazing" This is the feedback kossacks have received for your efforts to promote this event. Thank you for all you have done and for Showing Up for the March, on ...
by OneNationWorkingTogether
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The push for attendees for the march on 10.2.10 ...
by DiegoUK
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Only one week left before over 200 organizations and concerned citizens from across the nation join together for what will become a historic event.
by War on Error
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Sick of the meta bullshit? Sick of the doom, gloom and woe-is-me? Want real action? Here is a your chance. Organize and march on Washington!
by aaraujo
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Click on link for larger viewing, or view here. 160 Photos gathered so far. Do you have some you want to contribute? http://www.flickr.com/groups/daily_kos_10210_march_on_washington/pool/show/
by War on Error
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Thanks to my wonderful sponsor at progressivesponsor.com, which DiegoUK put together, I'm going to be coming up to D.C. from Georgia on the Cobb County NAACP bus, arriving the morning of 10.2. I ...
by dkistner
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I am simply saying that some Messengers should be ignored... If I don't like or trust the messenger why would I ...
by Just Keep it Simple Stupid
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This is a real grassroots movement, powered by people and not funded by corporations. This rally is starting to turn into something historic.
by aaraujo
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Need help getting here? Need a place to stay? Visit DiegoUK's site: www.progressivesponsor.com For those of you who missed DiegoUK's words earlier today, here they are again:
by hopeful
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It ...
by DiegoUK
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I can not believe what I found today! I'm beside myself, ...
by DiegoUK
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OMG I can't believe what I found today! I'm gob-smacked! I'
by DiegoUK
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� I've almost made it to Washington for 10.2.10!
by DiegoUK
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