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Take a very, very good look at the faces in this picture.
by JR
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On Sunday's CNN Newsroom , one segment was described as the title suggests. The segment was on Texas Governor Rick Perry and it was very far from flattering. If you don't know about "...
by Setrak
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Photo by Back to ...
by RhodaA
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Take action: sign the petition telling debate moderators to ask Rick Perry about the execution of Cameron Todd Willingham.
by Laura Clawson
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Cameron Todd Willingham was almost certainly not ...
by jpmassar
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The Washington Post has just published an article headlined " Fresh doubts over a Texas execution " on the front page of their website; it blows open the case involving the execution of Todd ...
by Dallas L
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I'm dropping a short diary on this because it's a major story that as far as I can see did not make the front page or rec list here. Apologies if I missed something, but I'm one of the nuts who logs ...
by Timaeus
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By Brian Evans, Death Penalty Abolition Campaigner at Amnesty International USA In 2004, Cameron Todd Willingham was executed in Texas for setting a fire that killed ...
by Amnesty International USA
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Much has been written here about Cameron Todd Willingham , a likely innocent executed by the State of Texas. His case may represent ...
by soothsayer99
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Last week, a Texas attorney named David Martin made an ass of himself and likely violated his ethical obligations when, during an interview on Anderson Cooper 360, he repeatedly declared that his ...
by JR
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For the first time in history, a state is reviewing whether it executed an innocent man. A ...
by JR
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There remains no greater evil than the manifest injustice of those in power who abuse their citizens for political gain. Holding one of the highest badges of achievement in this area can go to TX ...
by laserhaas
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Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy : Gov. Rick Perry's sudden decision to ...
by JR
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There's no more denying it: Rick Perry would rather get his bloody hands even dirtier than admit he helped kill an innocent man. But even I'm shocked at the depths to which he'll go to avoid ...
by JR
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not according to me - I am opposed to capital punishment according to his own reasoning Cameron Todd Willingham was sentenced to death for committing an arson, the resulting fire having killed his ...
by teacherken
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Rick Perry spoke today about the Cameron Willingham case. In his public statement he neglected to comment about his decision to replace members of the Forensic Science Commission instead he decided ...
by lcdrrek
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by JR
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No State shall...deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. -14th Amendment That constitutional guarantee ...
by JR
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So maybe there might be some degree of accountability for executing an innocent man? The Washington Post is reporting : In a major turn in one of the country’s most-noted death penalty cases, ...
by Dallas L
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Last Friday, ABC News' Nightline aired a report on the case of Cameron Todd Willingham. The report was titled, "Wrongly Executed?: Was a man put to death for a crime that he may not have committed?".
by Scott Cobb
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