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It's weird how we define ourselves by the things we own. I knew the bank was coming to get the car. I've been underemployed for an entire year. There were months when I only earned two or three ...
by Stella 4 Obama
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In news that somehow seems to have escaped everyone’s notice, you can buy a cost-effective 100% electric commuter / about-town car. Right now. At your local dealer. Not next year. Not “after ...
by Morgan in Austin
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by OrangeClouds115
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As it is with other Kossacks who have written similar diaries, it is hard to write this diary. Not only is the current situation tough, but I feel that I have to go back a year to explain the whole ...
by ramara
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Chevy Volt charging in front of Old Mazda 323 electric conversion For those of you who are not familiar with a punch list it is a term that normally comes from the construction industry where the ...
by joelado
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My diary here begins in unusual circumstances -- I'm here in Florida, dealing with all the minutiae that attend the death of your parent. There's a lot to deal with, even in the case of someone who ...
by Cyberwizard
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by shortfinals
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Well Detective Martinez of Hays County Sheriff Bridges' office and deputies Hipolote, Walker and Villereal ALL deserve BIG UPS. Their investigation and recent arrests, may ...
by bekosiluvu
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Toyota, Toyota, Toyota...... The more I learn about Toyota Motor, the more disturbing it gets. It's not just that the deeper the press probes into how Toyota has handled its defects making me ...
by kravitz
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by shortfinals
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This is to members of this site: As per the rules, I will not call you out by name - but you already know who you are. Thank you. I really mean that, thank you. Thank you for being the ...
by xysea
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Hi, my name is Joseph Lado and I drive an electric car that has solar panels on the front hood and ...
by joelado
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by shortfinals
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In which I compare my new 2012 Nissan Leaf with my previous car, a 1988 Toyota Corolla. I feel like I've finally joined the 21st Century. And with my solar panels coming in January, then I'll feel ...
by retro postmodernist
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Gas prices are gonna keep going up what with all the freedom loving, pro-democracy forces in ...
by Muskegon Critic
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Is it just me or are there more people riding bikes around in slushy, snow buried streets? It snowed more over the past few days, leaving deep, slushy ruts along the roads. And a man on a bike, ...
by Muskegon Critic
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by shortfinals
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by shortfinals
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Energy is found in many, many forms, many of which we name and think of as substances. We often call things like oil, coal and natural gas energy. We call the companies that extract these substances ...
by joelado
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I often talk here about how much I like public transportation. When I lived in DC I never got in a car if I didn't have to. Now I live in a somewhat rural area and work out of my house, so I don't ...
by webranding
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