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From the Journal of the American Chemical Society : After calibration, the initial CO2 concentration in air was determined ...
by Keith Pickering
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Carbon Capture and Storage offers Science-based hope of averting a planetary Climate Change disaster, in ways that perhaps you have not considered ... "Carbon Capture and Storage" Huh?
by jamess
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If ...
by wvablue
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Here's some good news on the Clean Energy front. The U.S.A. was an active participant , in the latest International Meeting of the minds, on how to best tackle the Clean Energy and CO2 ...
by jamess
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Alternet is hosting a piece by Peter Montague which promises a sort of expose on what the US government is really doing about global warming. One would have to imagine the "global warming non-...
by Cassiodorus
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Trees do it. People do it. The Birds and Bees do it. They all Breathe. Even the Ocean "breathes" to some degree; currently it's holding its breath, with about as much CO2 ...
by jamess
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A new study released today at the UN climate conference underway in Warsaw, Poland finds that new coal plants cannot be built if we are to keep global warming below the 2° Celsius threshold. That is,
by KGrandia
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CCS: A 2 Degree Solution is unrealistic as evidenced by Shell stating in its "Oceans scenario" that "...greenhouse gas emissions follow a pathway worryingly much higher than the 2°C goal, which in ...
by e2247
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Further digging into records obtained via New York’s Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) also reveals “a survey of the global economy to set the stage for the course” – as stated in an email ...
by Steve Horn
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