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Sven, "Soil is the Solution" might be the most important environmental story you'll ever write. It is part of the solution to our environmental challenges. The story belongs on the front of the NY ...
by citisven
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To me, carbon sequestration has been one of those "10 years off" technologies. Like fuel cells or hydrogen power, scientists and engineers just had to work out some kinks to make the technology cost ...
by Aximill
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The magical reach of the blogosphere has allowed me to make some of the most amazing connections of my life. One of these was with a kossack known here ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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by Governor Brian Schweitzer
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I was out on a early spring late winter hike the other day, trying to shake off the cob-webs of a ...
by jamess
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The phrase "carbon sequestration" is often used in connection with so-called "clean coal" technology that doesn't exist . ...
by desmoinesdem
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To be able to use solar energy to drive chemical reactions is a hot topic these days, especially if the reaction can produce fuel from thin air or be used to remove greenhouse gasses safely from the ...
by yuriwho
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How's that saying go ... "You can't stop Mother Nature" ... Well, you can't stop dedicated Scientists, either (assuming they got their funding).
by jamess
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Terra Preta do Indio means "Indian Black Earth" in Portuguese (in Brazil Indian is a term frequently used where in the US we would say Native American) and is a remnant of indigenous agricultural ...
by brasilaaron
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Some very smart "rocket scientists" seem to think so. As cited on NASA's Global Climate Change page: Press Release : Could planting trees in the desert mitigate climate change? European ...
by jamess
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On June 23 in New York City, John Todd, one of the founders of New Alchemy Institute, received the first Buckminster Fuller Challenge Award for his ...
by gmoke
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I wonder how the Global Warming Deniers are going to twist this? The BBC is reporting the results of an ongoing, 20 year study of the ...
by Granny Doc
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Crossposted from the Worldwatch Institute's Nourishing the Planet . According to a ...
by NourishingthePlanet
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Continuing on with my obsession with biomass, here's a bit about wood...leading to how bio fuel, and burying massive amounts of charcoal is an excellent method of carbon sequestration...no...not ...
by Muskegon Critic
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One of my techie hopes is that Science will one day figure out how to Split our excess CO2 production, ...
by jamess
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Image Source : Cornell Initiative for Sustainable Bioenergy Crops Sapphire’s Breakthrough Processing Technology Unlocks Value in Cyanobacteria for Energy Sapphire Energy -- press article -- Feb.
by jamess
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In case you missed it, President Obama recently made a big commitment to pursue Bio-Fuels -- in the form of Algae -- grown right here in the United States . If you missed it, rest assured the ...
by jamess
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We live on a wonderfully complex planet. Global Plankton ...
by jamess
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WHAT!?? , you say. Excuse me, but it does not matter how clean it is, it is still a GHG emitter, you say. What about the mountains be killed in West Virginia, you say. No, ...
by BruceMcF
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Sequestration of carbon dioxide is the holy grail of "clean coal." A paper published in the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering casts doubt on the feasibility of carbon sequestration ...
by DWG
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