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I will be leaving very soon to take part in the 10th wave of Moral Mondays here in North Carolina. I was arrested June 10 for taking part in civil disobedience at the N.C. General Assembly; I won't ...
by MsSpentyouth
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Rev. Frederick Battle is all too familiar with civil disobedience and what spurs people to fight power with peaceful assembly. The mild-mannered minister was arrested 51 years ago in Greensboro, N....
by MsSpentyouth
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More than 200 people gathered May 13 to support the 49 people arrested for peaceably protesting at the N.C General Assembly building in ...
by MsSpentyouth
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Members of the N.C. Legislative Black Caucus show their support for protesters and those arrested for walking into "The People's House" (N.C. General Assembly) and refusing to leave.
by MsSpentyouth
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Hello everyone. Thank you all for the encouraging words of support and solidarity for those working for freedom and fairness in North Carolina. And deep gratitude to Reverend Barber and the North ...
by James Protzman
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Hundreds of protesters witness the arrests fellow protesters engaged in acts of peaceful civil disobedience at the N.C. General Assembly. With the arrests of 151 people on "Mega Moral Monday" (June ...
by MsSpentyouth
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You've probably heard about Moral Monday at the N.C. General Assembly. We're ...
by MsSpentyouth
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The North Carolina Fracking Bill is about to become law pending a Governor's signature. The Senate gave final approval with no debate. This follows House passage earlier this afternoon. Fracking ...
by Intheknow
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by MsSpentyouth
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Original version posted on Pam's House Blend .
by pamindurham
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Interested in taking part in one of the upcoming Moral Monday protests and rallies at the N.C. General Assembly? Want to participate in a Kossack meetup? We have many fine qualities in Raleigh, ...
by MsSpentyouth
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http://www.wral.com/news/state/nccapitol/video/13681903/ According WRAL, the House Bill has been passed through two committees and is now going to the House Floor to be debated any minute now. ...
by Intheknow
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This is the first part in a series on the General Assembly races in North Carolina. Some of this information is from our posts on BlueNC , but the information ...
by Sam Spencer for County Commissioner
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North Carolina is about to allow fracking in the state Here is a link to the live video on the bill to lift a moratorium on fracking. Debate started at 2:25 EST. http://www.wral.com/news/state/...
by Intheknow
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Been keeping up with the Moral Monday movement in North Carolina? If you're in the area, join the movement today as a witness to the odious raft of ALEC-sponsored bills being ramrodded through the ...
by MsSpentyouth
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