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The full list through which I waded -- all the while remembering Michael Palin’s warning to his fellow insurrectionaries from the movie Life Of Brian that they’d be traveling ...
by Keith Olbermann
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It turns out Marcy Kaptur's opponent, Rich Iott, likes to spend weekends re-enacting World War II as a Nazi. The teabagger-backed Iott is part of the Wiking ...
by askew
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WOW! Someone call Glenn Beck. A teabagger candidate likes to dress up as a Nazi in public. Uh-ohs . . .
by MinistryOfTruth
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I just realized: Christine O'Donnell isn't a blithering idiot--she's a genius! Every Republican candidate should follow her lead. I can see a whole series of candidate-talking-directly-to-the-camera-
by Brainwrap
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Hello there Mr. & Ms. American Voter of 2010. Just wanted to drop in for a bit and point something out to you that you may not have noticed. The Republican Party of 2010 is NOT your parent's or ...
by Greg in TN
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Nazi standing next to the man in the blue ...
by sdelear
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Yesterday askew posted a diary that said It turns out Marcy Kaptur's opponent, ...
by MinistryOfLove
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Originally posted at Cagle. The Republican Party could regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives in next Tuesday’s midterm elections for the ...
by Karl Frisch
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THIS IS CRAZY CARL'S TEA PARTY SHOP WHERE THE PRICES ARE INSANE! Come on down to where the "real" people live and ALL NAZI UNIFORMS ARE 50% off this week! I'm not kidding! And even though I'm ...
by esby
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by David Nir
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Dressing Up Remember, kids — costumes and campaigning don’t mix! Since Halloween is right around the corner, we thought it might be a good time to revisit one ...
by Hard Left
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BagNews, whether on our site or the Huffington Post , reads ...
by ksh01
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Remember, kids: It is dangerous and irresponsible to compare a person who likes to spend their ...
by David Waldman
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