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To thank me. And to thank you. Because over the past two days, we've been demonstrating to Democrats in vulnerable districts that when they stand with our party and for progressive causes,
by Adam B
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So, today, I got up ridiculously early (six, but ridiculously early for a college kid, okay, =P) to go pick up my girlfriend in Manchester and drive an hour to Sunapee to take a shuttle to Unity. ...
by vertexoflife
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by VirginiaDem
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by KBowe
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by dkulju
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It has certainly been an interesting week. The O trains seems to be trucking along with seemingly nothing able to stop it. Recent polls out of the early states show ...
by JustAngry
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U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WVa) departs after a classified intelligence briefing with ...
by kos
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Republicans continue to insist their party is not waging a War on Women, and that the pervasive gender gap isn't showing up in just about every poll across the country, up and down the ticket—...
by Kaili Joy Gray
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On the first day , 144 of us made 2,162 contributions to twenty ...
by Adam B
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Gary Miller (CA-31), really endangered Republican Gather 'round, children, for some tales of ancient yore—back to the days of legend, when such beasts as Rockefeller Republicans roamed the ...
by David Jarman
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Ann McLane Kuster New Hampshire's two House seats are a crucial part of the road back to Speaker Pelosi—and a new poll from Public Policy Polling and Democracy for America shows Democrats leading.
by Laura Clawson
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This is my first diary on Daily Kos. It is great to be here. In 2006 , with almost no money and no paid staff, I defeated a party endorsed candidate in a five-way primary. ...
by Carol Shea Porter
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It's that time of the year again when campaigns beg for your money with increased frequency as the end of the quarter nears on June 30th. Candidates are beginning to run ads now and although we're ...
by Stephen Wolf
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by Laura Clawson
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The 2012 campaign season is rapidly coming to a close. The commercials are as thick and dark and biting as black flies, and mailers warn voters to beware of Candidate X or Y. Just this week, one ...
by CarolSheaPorter
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cross-posted at Blue New ...
by mbair
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(This is a crosspost from Green Mountain Daily , and as such some of the references I make relate to GMD posts or Vermont stuff... please bear with me. If ...
by odum
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This is one of those palm-slapped-to-forehead, duh, why-didn't-I-think-of-that things... Cliff Schecter , of cable tv and YouTube fame (...
by Mike Stark
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NH-01 Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter had a nice and effective little exchange through ...
by Expo
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Patterns of history have always puzzled historians and business writers. Arnold Toynbee found a mystical dimension to them when half way through his life's work he read Oswald Spengler's The Decline ...
by Bernie Quigley
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