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I went to see Michael Moore's new movie, "Capitalism - A Love Story". It was moving, funny, and educational, all rolled into one. It made me feel both, proud and sad, to be an American. ... but it'...
by jamess
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Ding, ding, ding, ding!
by jamess
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Besides standing up against Trade Deals that end up exporting American Jobs; Besides calling for more equitable Tax rates on the Wealthy, that will reduce the dangerous and growing gaps in Income ...
by jamess
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These are the thugs "scoff-laws" that our newly-formed Homeland Security apparatus , works so damn hard to protect , from the likes of peaceful protest marchers like OWS: New York Attorney General ...
by jamess
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There are two competing but equally hard to believe possibilities about "The Rich Strike Back," a Politico article ...
by Laura Clawson
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Love em, or hate em -- Wall Street high-rollers generally know a "bad bet" when they see one ... although most times, they are the last ones to catch onto what everyone else already knows ... Chris ...
by jamess
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I'm just back from seeing Michael Moore's new movie, "Capitalism - A Love Story". It was moving, funny, and educational, all rolled into one. It made me feel both, proud and sad, to be an American. .
by jamess
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The 400 highest-earning Americans had a really good year in 2012, with their incomes rising by an average of $...
by Laura Clawson
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Or perhaps they were really "intended"? Concerning the verdict on the intentional forces behind our systematic drift towards Income Inequality -- well, the Global Village is still out "deliberating"
by jamess
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I usually hate researching a piece like this. After connecting all the hidden dots, I'm generally not happy with the shadowy images that can emerge. Connect them at the risk of your own world view'...
by jamess
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Answer: the end result of the buying out of Dade Behring, merging it with a "vitro diagnostics business," and then raking in the Billions in profits -- with an 8-fold return on investment , for the ...
by jamess
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Cutting to the chase ... "Scaling back on the ' Disease of Greed '." The trickle-down Tax-haters, forever-defenders of the filthy rich, are re-tooling their Supply-side economics -- they'...
by jamess
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World Trade agreements are the Great Equalizer when it comes to Worker Wages -- Increase them a little over there, Decrease and Flatten them over here. NAFTA showed us that in spades here in America.
by jamess
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More Taxes! Less Spending! My way! Or the Highway! Government is the Problem! Government is Solution! No matter how you slice it, postponing your Budget-Balancing to show-down brinksmanship ...
by jamess
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Main Entry: Gossamer Part of Speech: adjective Definition: gauzy, thin Synonyms: airy, ...
by jamess
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This'll stop em ... JPMorgan Pays $920 Million to Settle London Whale Probes by Dawn Kopecki, Bloomberg.com -- Sep 19, 2013 JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), settling claims tied to a $6.2 billion ...
by jamess
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Will Barack Obama keep the promise he made today and oppose extending the Bush tax cuts next time? Will it even matter when the Republicans are finished screwing around with the tax code? The ugly ...
by David McKenna
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The enemy has been building its forces surreptitiously for some time now...  It is moving its forces into position to invade and strike a knockout blow.... Ironically we will be the ones who open ...
by kavips
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From the far, far reaches of the globe, the stories of Bain & Company are legend ... Bain's siren call still beckons ... to those with extraordinary drive. Our history Bain & Company Tokyo has a ...
by jamess
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There is a regular meeting of the "Governors" -- that decides our Economic Future -- a meeting that hardly ever gets any press. Thing is, these "Governors" aren't elected ; these "...
by jamess
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