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As most of you know, I don't write many diaries, and when I do, they usually concern issues that touch my life as an HIV+ gay man. But this one will be different. The circus in Washington over the (
by FogCityJohn
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Five Rules for Defeating Hostage taking Politics. Many of us who worked so hard to get President Obama elected are deeply frustrated by the current state of politics. Although we may consider ...
by Jason The Greek
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Years of crappy service, tons of hidden fees, and most importantly, an economy destroyed by their greed - it was time to take the plunge and commit to never dealing with a bank again. I don't know ...
by Maxlongstreet
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If you opened this diary expecting some screed railing against tea partiers or the Obama Adminsitration or John Boehner, you're going to be disappointed. I saw something recently - last Friday, in ...
by RenaRF
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by Keith Pickering
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Here is a video interview of Lisa Graves by Thom Hartmann on his program from July 20th.
by Bob Sloan
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Extremely radioactive water , measured at (edit at 9pm in bold) *over* 1000 millisieverts per hour in air above the water, ...
by FishOutofWater
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Yesterday, Richard Cohen penned an opinion piece for the Washington Post that I wish every person in America would read. "
by Rick Aucoin
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Erick Erickson is an ass. (Which was the exact title of a post I wrote two years ago.) Right now he's ...
by SemDem
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I really have to wonder sometimes. Are they truly so filled with Hate that they would take it out on the American people time and time again? We've seen it with Gov Walker insane and unnecessary ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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I've been teaching since 1997. Currently, I'm an elected union official. I serve as a member of my teaching union's executive board. I've helped negotiate a contract. According to Governor Chris ...
by TeacherH
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Well, it’s been a few hours, so I’m much more settled now. But earlier today, I drew my .38, sighted the dog bearing down on me while snarling, and…luckily for EvilDog, SHE turned away from ...
by Thinking Fella
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Why is it bad news for Gov. Perry when Science Magazine reports that the head of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, Peter Hotez, is leaving George Washington University and moving the 20 plus person ...
by OHdog
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Now, some of you may know this about me, but I am a diligent and very-tough-to-please media critic. I spend more time than I should watching TV news on all three cable networks as well as Stewart ...
by destructiveanachronism
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Hey, guys. This is my first diary posting since joining the site about a year ago. I always intended to post an entry, but could never come up with something original that hadn't already been ...
by ProgressiveWarrior
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When we moved into our house some ten years ago, we didn't know that it came with a small colony of feral and abandoned cats. We didn't (then) know the cardinal rule of dealing with a feral colony:
by Black Max
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I passed my RN state boards in 1972, and went to work for a large hospital affiliated with the Mayo Clinic, on the surgical orthopedic unit. I invite you to join me on this trip back to the days ...
by scribe
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Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence The big news on the High Speed ...
by BruceMcF
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Rush Limbaugh and other members of the conservative intelligentsia used the occasion of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan to mock the country ...
by DWG
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Sarah Palin attracted a lot of media attention today to the 24th Memorial Day ride of ...
by devtob
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