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Carl Gibson, one of the founders of US Uncut , just steamrolled the drugged one. It was a thing of beauty. Rush would take a punch, hit the canvass, struggle ...
by Mike Stark
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Greed has united the people here and abroad. This is opportunity for change we have been waiting for. Here's Occupy Wall Streets Main page.
by War on Error
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I've been keeping abreast of political goings-on for quite some time. Very often, it's seemed like all the major gatherings and rallies addressing the peoples' concerns have been across the state or ...
by Ace Nelson
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See update to this diary below I read what I thought was great news this morning, about ...
by slinkerwink
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Last week, I started organizing a local organization here in Jackson, Mississippi called CIVIL USA- Citizens In the Voluntary Insistence of Laws. A week later, that movement has now blossomed into ...
by US Uncut
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The cruel unfairness and dignity destroying, life destroying, and family destroying US social policies are all over Daily Kos today. And as heart-rendering as these diaries/stories are, they speak ...
by War on Error
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Will you help? The twitter community has been listing what they want Congress to cut. You can also cut and paste any #CUT_THIS tweets and post. The further they spread, the better! Things ...
by War on Error
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We ignore these people and their message at our own peril. Suggest reading this first: A well-referenced Article that weaves the threads of the Koch/Famly/Bircher connections ...
by War on Error
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You can read the diary posted today here: US Citizens Standing Up: ...
by War on Error
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Here are the links: Cspan video: http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/Moyer Transcription of Cspan video: http://solutionsearch-tbug.blogspot.com/ Bill Moyer's Journal: http://www.pbs.org/...
by TBug
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On Tuesday, Bank Of America had it's first investor meeting in 3 years. Bank of America didn't pay any taxes in 2010. In 2009 the actually RECEIVED money back from the taxpayers.
by Donkey Hotey
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