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McCain has had a problem all year with the "enthusiasm gap," but it is really well illustrated in a report from Florida on Obama's rally there yesterday. Also, is Louisiana the next toss-up? A new ...
by Kula2316
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Charlie Cook, a font of Washington wisdom whom I respect, has followed behind the new meme that the Obama Campaign's attack on Romney's business record and personal finances amount to a personal ...
by brooklynbadboy
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by ellefarr
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If you want to identify the most unpopular political entity in modern American history, then you need look no further than the current Republican Party. As of today’s date, according to a new ...
by praenomen
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The Cook Report itself is hidden behind a pay wall, so the following comes from the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee): This afternoon, the Cook Political Report changed their ...
by ericlewis0
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by Armando
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If we thought Jim Vandehei's and Mike Allen's piece of Politico schmuck pom-poming how DC establishment had turned against the Obama Administration, was bad enough, just read Charlie Cook's latest ...
by zizi
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Bi-partisan pollster Charlie Cook continues to be a great resource of fact based analysis of the state of the race: Today he ...
by timmyc
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The press still doesn't get it. Even without the presidential election, we are about to have one of the most transformative elections in our lifetimes. If experts ...
by Cenk Uygur
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In the fall of 2000, during an interview with Teresa Welch, a senior editor for the Austin Ledger, George W. Bush incurred the wrath of mainstream Republicans by making an off-the-cuff remark that ...
by praenomen
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by dpinzow
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A note at TPM here caught my eye about a newly released CNN poll. I think you will find the stuff below the squiggle worth your time - at least I hope so !
by Vote4Obamain2012
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The reason Barack Obama is making so many Democrats angry is that he's too politically liberal, which makes him too economically conservative. At a time that requires bold and perhaps unilateral ...
by Benintn
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This is not good. Charlie Cook is not a GOP pollster. Nor is he a Dem cheerleader. People in high places pay attention to The Cook Report. I just watch Cook on Hardball explaining why his latest ...
by Richard Cranium
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I wrote a not particularly well-commented upon, non-rec-list diary entitled " Charlie Cook: Not ...
by seanwright
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Friends, we have ridden the roller coaster of Rev. Wright and "Bittergate"and now polling is coming out that speaks volumes for Obama's electability. But the real siren song for Dem. Superdelegates ...
by poli sci prof
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Charlie Cook, the keeper of the oft-cited Cook Political Report, is one of the Beltway's favorite pundits, a supposed sage whose general election predictions are commonly held as authoritative by ...
by rivamer
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A great article from pollster Charlie Cook today on the state of the race... The good news for Hillary ...
by timmyc
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by dpinzow
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There is a great deal of outrage over the Department of Justice obtaining phone records of Associated Press calls , supposedly to determine the way in which critical national security ...
by xaxnar
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